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Updated: March 20, 2017



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Season 12 - 2016/17

Season 12 - 2016/17

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Season 11 - 2015/16

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Season 10 - 2014/15

Season 10 - 2014/15

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Season 9 - 2013/14


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Season 8 - 2012/13

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Next Event: Event #10

Date Time: 7pm Friday, March 31, 2017

Location: Arizona Room, Eaglequest Coyote Creek Golf Club, 7778 152nd Street Surrey, BC

Darren: darrenkennedydk@gmail.com, 778-870-6319


Tourney Dates

  1. xSaturday September 10
  2. xFriday, September 30
  3. xFriday, October 21
  4. xFriday, November 18
  5. xFriday, December 2
  1. xFriday, January 13
  2. xFriday, January 27
  3. xFriday, February 10
  4. xFriday, March 3
  5. Friday, March 31

LEAGUE FINAL Friday, April 7, Sunday April 9

2017 WSOP $10,000 Main Event and

2017 WSOP NLH $1000 or $1500 Event Rio in Las Vegas

League members require $50 for this event as league fees are now all paid, and non-league members need to bring $60. There will also be a $50 last-longer for anyone thatís interested.


March 20, 2017: All Time Stats Updated to Include Events #4-9

It has been a long time since I updated the all-time stats so I thought I should get it done. I have updated everything so feel free to go and take a look.


Also, the prize-pool is up. We voted and it was close with 37 votes for 2 WSOP Main Event prizes and 34 votes for just 1 WSOP Main Event prize. 2 people abstained and 2 people I could not get ahold of.


So the prizes will look like this. All cash is in USD btw:

1.     $10,000 WSOP ME Seat + $900 cash

2.     $10,000 WSOP ME Seat + $900 cash

3.     $2,500 WSOP + $400 cash†††††††††

4.     $2,000 WSOP + $400 cash

5.     $1,500 WSOP + $400 cash†††††††††

6.     $1,500 WSOP + $400 cash†††††††††

7.     $1,000 WSOP + $400 cash

8.     $1,000 WSOP + $400 cash

9.     $1,000 WSOP + $400 cash

10.  $1,000 WSOP + $400 cash

11.  $1,000 WSOP + $400 cash



March 11, 2017: Todd Fletcher Takes Down Event #9, Ray Rohrback Wins 10,000 Points, Shaun Ali Takes Over Points Lead

First off Blake Vailes failed to 3peat even though he did try twice by rebuying last night. A solid run nonetheless for Blake. We had an enormous 108 entries and Todd Fletcher ultimately won the event against Ray Rohrback. Todd had a decent stack most of the night but it was with 27 players left when he became one of the big stacks with a double knockout including yours truly when his AA held against my QQ and Kyle Coulthardís KK in a classic cooler. Shaun Ali finished in 3rd place, good for 8,000 points and enough to leap frog over Paul Deol and Dave Sims all the way to the points lead. The leader in points at the end of event #10 will have a guaranteed seat so this is quite a significant feat.


Also of note Mike Honeyman all but locked up the Nadeau Fantasy pool by having 5 of his picks make the points last night.


The in-the-point finishers were: Todd Fletcher ($1,250, non-league), Ray Rohrback ($1,150), Shaun Ali ($700), Stan Zatylny ($550), Mark Scott ($400), Eddie Skoko ($300, non-league, playing for Mo Pannun), Mike Honeyman ($200), Roger Grosset ($150), Scott Brynen ($150), Andrew Krywaniuk ($150), Kal Kooner ($100, rebuy), Darren Barker ($100), Jamil Jutha ($100), Reena King ($100), Everett Wicklund, Ivan Mahood, Dan Cassidy, Dan Molatore, Rob Sims, John Hebel (non-league, playing for Brent Senko), Buddy Lane.


March 3, 2017: Jason Nadeauís DHPL Fantasy Pool is Posted

Click here to see the picks and current up=to-date results. Mike Honeyman in the lead with Johnny Dai right on his tail.


February 11, 2017: Blake Vailes Goes Back-to-Back for Event #8

Blake Vailes wins again, this time best a field of 88 players. We also saw both of the Lange brothers at the final table together.


The in-the-point finishers were: Blake Vailes ($1,200, non-league, playing for Dan Cassidy), Kelly Lange ($850, non-league), Damien Zillig ($600, non-league playing for Johnny Dai), Trevor Massey ($420), Paul Deol ($320), Mark Juvelin ($260), Brad McKibbon ($200, non-league), Dave Sims ($150), Shawn Lange ($100, non-league), Mike Honeyman ($100), Wade Antoniuk ($100), Rik Rohrback, Richard Wardroper, Everett Wicklund, Michelle Owen, Jamil Jutha, Keith Fisher, Andrew Krywaniuk, David Slater, John Forsythe, Heather Reid (non-league, playing for Ramiro), Thomas Davis, Eric Ruttan.


February 7, 2017: Blake Vailes Triumphant Return, Rik Rohrback wins Points in Event #7

Blake Vailes hadnít been to a Die Hard event for a while but he made it count taking down Event #7 after chopping the money with Rik Rohrback in a field of 101 players. Rik gladly took the 10,000 points. The trio of friends consisting of Alyssa Webber (3rd), Todd Fletcher (5th) and Damien Zillig (7th) makes me think about implementing a no-shark clause. Well done guys and gal. Perenially late showers Fraser and Wardroper also final tabled making me think there might be something to their Hellmuth-esque approach to tardiness.


The in-the-point finishers included: Blake Vailes ($1,150, non-league), Rik Rohrback ($1,150), Alyssa Webber ($650, non-league), Ivan Mahood ($500), Todd Fletcher ($400, non-league), Chris Fraser ($300), Damien Zillig ($200, non-league), Bob Deforest ($150, rebuy), Richard Wardroper ($150), Darren Kennedy ($100, rebuy), Shaun Ali ($100), Buddy Lane ($100), Barry Stanford (non-league, playing for Stan Zatylny), Michelle Owen, Brent Senko, Robert Brechin, Ramiro Dominguez, Mike Twitchell, Jamie Hucul, Jeff Nason, Wade Antoniuk, Andrew Krywaniuk, Gord Edwards (non-league), Brant Taylor, Darren Callaghan (non-league), Mike Mittermuller


January 24, 2017: Mike Honeyman wins, chops first place with Paul Deol

Mike Honeyman outlasted Paul Deol headsup for the title in an event that saw 102 entries. Standings are updated.


The in-the-point finishers were: Mike Honeyman ($1,170), Paul Deol ($1,170), Trevor Massey ($660), Reena King ($500), Mark Scott ($400), Dean Hilts ($300, rebuy), Brant Taylor ($200), Robert Brechin ($150), Dave Sims ($150), Jeff Scott ($100), Roger Grosset ($100, rebuy), Doug Cornelson ($100), Hal Fellingham, Mike Twitchell, Jason Nadeau, Bruce Lawson, Byron Williams, Keith Fisher, Wade Antoniuk, Michelle Owen.


December 29, 2016: Brad McKibbon beats Melissa White for Event #5 Title

Jeff Scott finished 3rd and took home the 10,000 points. Standings are updated and more to come.


November 25, 2016: John Hebel beats Kevin Miklossy to win Event #4

Miklossy was playing for Andrew Tilston who got the 10,000 points. Jason Nadeau earned 8,000 points. Standings updated and more to come.


October 30, 2016: Elton Ngan beats Brant Taylor

Another large turnout saw 98 players show up. The tourney moved at blazing speed until finally slowing down when the final table was reached. In the end Elton beat Brant for the title and 10k points. Shaun Ali, Everett Wicklund and Chris Fraser have now pointed in all 3 events and Everett maintains a solid grip on first place.


The in-the-point finishers were: Elton Ngan ($1,200), Brant Taylor ($1,000), Shaun Ali ($650), Mike Farnese ($500), Brent Senko ($400), Steve Tamboline ($300), Doug Cornelson ($200, re-entry), Mike Bigelow ($150), James Tichenor ($100), Grant Willis ($100, non-league), Darren Callaghan ($100), Niko Bourassa-Wright ($100, re-entry), Steve Mclarty, Ed Sue (non-league, playing for Kelli Cera), Everett Wicklund, Darren Kennedy, Rik Rohrback, Chris Fraser, John Forsythe, Mike Mittermuller, Ramiro Dominguez.


October 1, 2016: Jim Prime beats Trevor Massey. Everett 2nd Straight Top 3

We set a record with 90 unique players and a total of 104 buy-ins. We paid a total of 13 spots for this tournament and there were the usual plethora of suck-outs and crazy hands. I myself made a ten-high straight flush in one hand to eliminate two players. Mike Martin went on a massive tear in the middle levels, flopping quad 9ís in one hand with K9o to KO a player who held QQ and then 2 hands later held 93o in a raised pot only to flop T99 and takeout another unlucky soul. In the end he couldnít quite hold onto them long enough as he finished as our unfortunate bubble-boy. When the final table hit the bigstacks tangled and tangled often. AA vs QQ was one such hand.


The in-the-point finishers were: Jim Prime ($1,200), Trevor Massey (re-entry $900), Everett Wicklund ($650), Roger Grosset ($500, re-entry), Dan Molatore ($400), Jamil Jutha ($300), Allan Foster ($200), Jason Nadeau ($150), Deepak Bhasin ($150), Shaun Ali ($100), Paul Deol ($100), Teigh Mckerl ($100, non-league), Johnny Dai ($100), Mike Martin (re-entry), Keith Fisher, David Malik (non-league), Hal Fellingham, Rob Sims, Reena King, Darren Kennedy, Chris Fraser, Steve Mclarty, Mark Juvelin.


September 25, 2016: Dave Sims beats Colin Genge to Capture Event #1

Full Details to be posted tomorrow night, but Standings page has been updated.


In the point finishers were: Dave Sims ($1,010), Colin Genge ($1,010), Everett Wicklund ($560), Andy Luong ($420, non-league), Chris Fraser ($340), Rik Rohrback ($260), Deepak Bhasin ($200), Keith Matsalla ($150, non-league, playing for Ben Walker), Mark Scott ($100), Ray Rohrback ($100), Dean Hilts ($100, re-entry), Shaun Ali ($100), Ivan Mahood, Simon Pickering, Nick Simon (non-league, playing for Scott Brynen), Rob Sims, Trevor Massey, Bruce Lawson, Johnny Dai, Jeff Nason.


September 8, 2016: 6pm Saturday Cards in the Air. 85 Confirmed Members

We have 85 confirmed league members. We only have 5 spots remaining. If you want in let me know ASAP!! Just planning to drop in? Get your name to me now. Dropins will be in order that I know of you coming. Likely will have to await bustouts to get a seat.


August 24, 2016: Season #12 Starting Soon

Time to firm up a few things.


1) It looks like we may have more than 80 league members this year so if you know anyone that hasn't replied or any potential new members please let me know soon as I may have to cut it off at the first 90 for space limitations that reply.


Also with only two guys I havenít heard from I have put them tentatively in the not returning column: Mike Felhauer and Tony Macedo


If you are one of these guys or know one of these guys please get me a response. If they all return we have 83 players. Likely a few won't so we are probably sitting around 75-77.


If your name is NOT on the website it means I don't know you are coming so please email me again to let me know I missed you.


2) We have 13 signed up for golf (check the front page). I have asked for 5 tee times, so that means we have room for 7 more golfers. First come, first served. I don't have the tee times yet but they will likely be in the 10am-1pm time frame.


3) Please remember that the money for the league fees is the equivalent of $500 USD this year ($50 USD or $70 CDN per event). I would prefer you bring USD, but I am also fine with Canadian. For first event please bring either $150 USD or $200 CDN for league fees on top of $50 CDN for the tourney portion.


So for event #1

Option 1: $150 USD + $50 CDN

Option 2: $250 CDN

Option 3: $500 USD + $50 CDN


For Events #2-8 (if you don't pay the $500 USD up front)

Option 1: $50 USD + $50 CDN

Option 2: $120 CDN (or whatever the current exchange rate is at that time)


If this is at all not clear please ask me via email. I will be exchanging all CDN into USD as soon as feasible after each event.


If you prefer you can bring the entire $500 USD on day one and then just be responsible for the cash tourney portion for the rest of the year. I prefer this as it makes easier for me but I understand most people prefer not to do this.


Looking forward to kicking off the 12th edition of the Die Hard Poker League!!


July 30, 2016: List of People Joining 2016/17 Season 12

If your name doesnít have an asterisk (*) beside it, it is because I donít know for sure that you are playing this year. I listed everyoneís names that I THINK will be playing, but only asterisks beside those that have confirmed with me. Please confirm!!!


I am booking golf beforehand up to 20 players. If you are interested in golfing on the Saturday before poker starts please let me know and I will book you in for a tee time.


Returning from last year (56)

Newcomers/Rejoining after an absence (29)

Dropping Out (9)

In for Golf (13)

Andrew Creed*

Andrew Krywaniuk*

Ben Walker*

Brant Taylor*

Brent Senko*

Brian Taylor*

Brian Van Schagen*

Bruce Lawson*

Chris Fraser*

Chris Nishi*

Colin Genge*

Dan Molatore*

Darren Kennedy*

Dave Sims*

Dean Hilts*

Dylan Ruocco*

Elton Ngan*

Eric Ruttan*

Everett Wicklund*

Garry Juvelin*

Guy Bottin*

Hal Fellingham*

Jason Nadeau*

Jeff Scott*

John Forsythe*

Johnny Dai*

Jon Pingol*

Kal Kooner*

Kent Senko*

Lance Murdoch*

Mark Juvelin*

Melissa White*

Mike Bigelow*

Mike Farnese*

Mike Honeyman*

Mike Menkes*

Mike Mittermuller*

Mike Twitchell*

Mo Pannun*

Niko Bourassa-Wright*

Paul Deol*

Ramiro Dominguez*

Ray Rohrback*

Richard Wardroper*

Rick Rohrback*

Rob Sims*

Robert Brechin*

Roger Grosset*

Ryan McDonald*

Scott Brynen*

Shaun Ali*

Stan Zatylny*

Steve Mclarty*

Steve Tamboline*

TJ Johnston*

Tyler Marples*

Allan Foster*

Bob DeForest*

Brent Miscisco*

Dan Cassidy*

Deepak Bhasin*

Doug Cornelson*

Ivan Mahmood*

James Tichenor*

Jamie Hucul*

Jamil Jutha*

Jeff Nason*

Jim Prime*

Joe DeAnna*

Josh Resvick*

Kelli Cera

Lee Vallee*

Leon Chambers*

Lyle Johnson*

Mark Scott*

Marko Pocedic*

Michelle Owens*

Mike Graf*

Mike Martin*

Nicole Miscisco*

Reena King*

Rod Burgermeister*

Simon Pickering*

Thomas Davis *

Ty Duong*

Ashley Samborski

Bill Robins

Bruce McCallum

Eiten Even

Mike Felhauer???

Nick Simon

Roman Pereyaslavsky

Shane Kvrgnjas

Tony Macedo???



Andrew Krywaniuk

Ben Walker

Dan Molatore

Darren Kennedy

Dylan Ruocco

Guy Bottin

Jeff Scott

John Forsythe

Mark Juvelin

Mike Bigelow

Rob Sims

Ryan McDonald

Simon Pickering



July 30, 2016: Die Hard Poker League 2016/17 Season Preparations

Hello everyone,


Well August is here shortly and it is time to start organizing the next version of the Die Hard Poker League.


1. Schedule

Below are my proposed dates for our 12th incarnation of the Die Hard Poker League. Please look closely at the dates and if you have any conflicts, especially if they may apply to multiple people, let me know and I may alter them. Tried to avoid any conflicts with holidays etc. The first date is solid so you can start planning around that one.


1. Saturday September 10th

2. Friday, September 30th

3. Friday, October 21st

4. Friday, November 18th

5. Friday, December 2nd

6. Friday, January 13th

7. Friday, January 27th

8. Friday, February 10th

9. Friday, March 3rd

10. Friday, March 31st

11. League Final Friday, April 7th, Sunday Apr 9


2. Membership

Also itís is that time again. If you know you are joining the league again or for the first time, now is the time to let me know so I can start accumulating the list of returnees. Please email me and I will add you to the list of confirmed league members. Also if you know you are not going to join please let me know that as well.


3. Rule Changes

Also officially requesting any rule change suggestions at this time. The next 4 weeks is the ONLY time I take suggestions or consider rule changes so don't miss this opportunity.


a. One thing we will do this year is make the league fees in USD instead of CAD to insulate us from changes in the exchange rate. That means you are responsible for $500 USD. The tourney buyin will remain at $50 CAD.


b. We will be making the League Final a slower structure for the final 9 by stopping play shortly after making the money and playing out the final 5-9 on a separate day. This will allow people to have room to play when playing down to the big prize.


Looking forward to seeing you all again real soon.