Update Shares spoken for:

5.0% Jon Lok - PD

5.0% Ben Guasto - PD

1.5% Mario Baptista – PD

1.0% Graham Spence – PD

1.0% Pablo Medeiros -

1.0% Rob Holmberg – PD

1.0% Derek Thomson - PD


15.5% sold


Quick Update:

First trip I played 6 events, not playing Event 20 and 22. I went super deep in Event 15, PLH bowing out 74th when 72 got paid when I ran AKo into AA and TT.

I cashed Event #18, finishing 149th of 3157 players for $3920. My last hand in this event was AA. I raised preflop and received two callers. I check-shipped the QT8ddd flop and was called by QJo (no diamonds for either of us). The turn was an evil Queen and the river was a blank.


I will be heading back to Vegas Tuesday morning to see if I can’t find a couple more cashes.


Darren Kennedy’s 2011 World Series of Poker Staking Package


I have recently quit my job as a software developer at Microsoft and am now employed full time as a poker professional. I am mostly playing live cash games and online tournaments. I am getting ready for the World Series of Poker which begins in a little over 2 weeks and lasts from May 27th to July 18th. The schedule for WSOP can be found on WSOP.com or in excel form here. I have put together a staking package and the details are below. I will be playing up to 13 events. If I make Day 2's then obviously I can’t play the following day’s tournament.


My profiles are here:

Card player

Hendon Mob


I will be updating my twitter account at DarrenDieHard during the tournaments likely every hour or so and my facebook account at least twice a day.


Below is a list of the tourneys I will potentially be playing in.



Trip 1: June 4th-14th 

Event 8B, $1K NLH, Sun June 5th

Event 10, $1.5K NLH 6-handed, Mon June 6th

Event 12, $1.5K NLH Triple Chance, Tue June 7th

Event 13, $1.5K NLH Shootout, Wed June 8th

Event 15, $1.5K Pot Limit Holdem, Thu June 9th

Event 17, $1.5K HORSE, Fri June 10th

Event 18, $1.5K NLH, Sat June 11th

Event 20, $1K NLH, Sun June 12th

Event 22, $1.5K PLO, Mon June 13th

Total Buy-ins $12,500


Trip 2. June 28th-July 1st

Event 48, $1.5K NLH, Tue June 28th

Event 51, $1.5K PLO8, Thu June 30th

Total Buy-ins $3,000


Trip 3. July 5th-??

Event 56, $1.5K NLH, Tue July 5th

Event 58, $10K NLH Main Event, Sat July 8th

Total Buy-ins $11,500


How To Buy Shares:


Aggregate Total Buy-ins for this package: $27,000

Markup is 33% for Main Event and 10% for all other events.

Total cost of package: $32,000

Average Markup for package is 18.5%


Cost of Shares:

0.25% = $80

1% = $320 

5% = $1600

10% = $3200


I will sell in pieces as small as 0.25% ($80). As I anticipate making a few Day 2's, I will in all likelihood not be playing every event on this schedule. I will refund the buy-ins plus markup to the package for each event above that I do not play in.


I am selling up to 30% of my entire action.


You can pay in the following ways:

1.      Cash in person in Las Vegas or Seattle.

2.      Deposit cash into my Canadian Royal Bank account.

3.      Transfer money into my First Tech Credit Union account.

4.      Transfer money to my Pokerstars account.


I will pay out winnings in mid-July after concluding my Main Event. If I am fortunate enough to make the Final table of the Main Event, I will pay out shares of everything I have won up to the Main Event in mid-July and the remainder after conclusion of the Main Event Final Table in November.



It is very possible I may play more events outside of what is shown here. Any and all tournaments I play not listed here will NOT be part of the package I am selling and investors will not be able to claim any part of those winnings.


Please contact me if you are interested.




Email: DarrenKennedyDK@gmail.com

Twitter: DarrenDieHard