Die Hard Poker League Season 2: 2006/07

Updated: July 29, 2007

Next Event: Event #1 of Season 3

Date Time: 8:00pm Friday, September 7th, 2007.

Location: Elks Hall in Cloverdale at Unit 412, 17665-66A Ave, Surrey, BC


Tourney Dates (all start times are 8pm)

  1. xFriday, September 29th
  2. xFriday, October 13th
  3. xFriday, November 3rd
  4. xFriday, November 24th
  5. xFriday December 15th
  1. xFriday, January 12th
  2. xFriday, February 2nd
  3. xFriday, February 23rd
  4. xFriday, March 16th
  5. xFriday, April 13th

xLEAGUE FINAL (top 10 players) Friday, April 27th

xWSOP Event #35 or 38

in Las Vegas (June 21 or 23)

(NL $1500 US buy-in)

League members require $60 per event and non-league members need to bring $40.


July 9th, 2007 – Darren Kennedy Cashes in 2007 WSOP Event #35, Mike Burns Out and the League Goes 0-3

A DHPL Player cashes at the WSOP. Unfortunately for the rest of you it was Darren Kennedy who bought himself in to Event #35 that cashed and not one of our winners so no payback to the league. I finished 267th out of 2450 players to collect a $2947 payout. Only 270 players got paid so I really snuck in to the money. I was so short-stacked with 272 players I only had enough chips for 8 more hands and when dealt QQ under the gun, I folded it knowing that I only needed to fold 2-3 more hands to make the money. Can any of you say you’ve ever folded QQ without any action in front of you before? On that hand a player 2 behind me had AK so I was quite happy with the lay down. And sure enough 2 hands later we burst the bubble into the money. I then pushed an unraised pot with 55 only to run into AK and an AKx flop. But hey I cashed!


As for the league representatives, both Mike and Ed played Event #35 on Thursday, June 21st. Ed took a horrible beat when he got all his chips in the middle on a 952 flop while holding KK against 44. And would you believe it, the turn is a 4 and Ed is out only 1.5 hours into the event. I also started poorly losing 1000 of my 3000 chips on the very first hand when my two pair A2 got beat by rivered trips from a Q6 on an AQ25Q board. I was down to just a single 500 chip early in level 3 but I won 3 of 4 hands, at least doubling up each time to get to 7000 and the race was on.


What happened to Mike you say? He started very strongly building a healthy chip stack almost immediately and wielding it well until Level 4 when he just couldn’t defend against…. a god damn Rio waiter spilling scalding coffee on his lower back!!! With about 8600 chips when average stacks were around 5500, Mike burnt out. His lower back received 2nd degree burns over an area about the size of two hand prints. He tried valiantly to continue but could not and spent the next 5 hours in the hospital. Rio gave him the $1500 back and we figured he could re-enter in Event #38 on the Saturday with Roger. Harrahs however will has not yet heard the end of this though as Mike retained legal counsel and will hopefully get a nice settlement to ease his suffering as the guy couldn’t lie on his back and barely slept a wink that night. He also spent 4 hours a day at the hospital for the next 3 days before flying home. As such Mike was unable to enter Event #38 and with no time to fly Adrian, the #4 place finisher down in time for the event, we once again sent our 5th place finisher to play. That would be me.


So Roger and Darren K entered event #38. Roger would not last long bowing out only 30 minutes in when his AK ran into Aces on a King high flop. Darren would last a little longer grinding it out with two pro’s Arnold Spee and John Murphy at his table. After a couple of table moves I was sitting a table away from some big names in Rene Angelil, David Plastik, Vanessa Selbst, Chris Ferguson and others. I used KK to triple up and then KK again to double through another opponent up to as high as 9000 chips. But a horrid hand where I held KQ on a board that flopped QJ2 with me betting out and turned K, bet larger and the river came A only to have a donkey call me to the river with A2 for a rivered higher two pair (yes I was frustrated). That left me quite short-stacked and I was in survival mode. I cracked Aces with 35 on a board of T53 and stayed alive for a while. But with my stack shrinking I pushed UTG with KQ and ran into AQ. I finished about 600th out of 2778 players about 30 minutes prior to the dinner break and well off the money and our league is now 0-6 in WSOP attempts.


May 28th, 2007 (Standings, All Time Leaders)

We are less than a month away from the big dance. Our winners (Ed, Mike and Roger) will be joined by Darren C, Darren K along with last year league members Rahim and Dave and out of town poker dude Derek Thomson for the big trip south to the mecca of poker. Hopefully the league members can rack on some cashes as we all get somewhere between 1.5% and 3.3% of their winnings.


Just some info I found that you might find interesting. I was going to just send this out to Roger, Ed, Darren and Mike (the guys actually going down to Vegas) but I figured some of you other leaguers might find it an interesting read So here's a what’s up with the 2007 World Series of Poker update.


As you know it will be held at the Rio in Vegas from June 1st to July 17. There are 55 events this year and the full schedule is here: WSOP Schedule.


I love playing single table satellites. Did a lot of this last year, and it's a great way to kill an hour or two while attempting to make some coin. They changed them around quite a bit this year and the structures this year are found at this link: WSOP Satellites.


I hate it when you make the money and get like your buy-in back plus a mere 40%. Guess what? They changed the payouts so that if you make the money just barely you will make more money this year (I think at least double the buy-in) than you would have last year. Of course if you make the final table you will now make slightly less. Hope I have to worry about that ;) WSOP Flattens Payout Structure.


Our events will not be televised. Note that they will be doing the Main Event Final Table live on Pay-per-view again this year with Phil Gordon hosting. I paid for it last year and was pretty happy with the product. If you want to see the list of televised events (televised final tables anyway) they are here: WSOP Televised Events.


Another good read which talks about change to penalties for using the F-word, doubling the starting stacks, the addition of 80 more tables, the introduction of mixed-holdem and a few other things: WSOP 2007 Misc Info


Well hope this little primer gets your juices flowing as we are now only 30 days from Event #35 on Thursday June 21st (Mike, Ed and myself will be entering) and 32 days from Event #38 on Saturday June 23rd (Roger and possibly myself).




April 30th, 2007 – Congrats to Ed Sue, Mike Schubert and Roger Grosset (Standings, All Time Leaders)

Well, the pretenders are all gone and we have our league winners and representatives to send down to the World Series of Poker. Ed, Mike and Roger outlasted the field and are on their way to Vegas baby. They all played great and I wish them the best of luck.


How we got down to the final 3 was exciting and started with the tie-breaker heads up match between Lance Murdoch and Rick Rohrback. The guys started with 5,000 chips a piece and the battle began. Rick pounded on Lance early and often gaining a nice size 2-to-1 chip lead before the following hand occurred:

RR: 35

LM: 46

Flop: 57Q, Rick bet out and Lance called

Turn: 3 giving Rick 2 pair and Lance the straight. Rick pushed all in and Lance called.

River: x


A short while later Rick pushed all in for 1300 with 45 to find Lance holding AA. A miracle board of 5xxx4 however saved him and he made up ground from there to get back to even. Lance gained the lead again though and the final hand came as follows:

RR: AK call

LM: Q2 check

Flop: Q2x, LM bet, RR, allin, LM call

Turn/River: xQ


Lance was the winner and the final table was finally set. The rest of the boys took their seat and the action got underway.


Level 1 (200-400):

Starting chips and seating order looked like this:

Seat 1: 26,400 Lance Murdoch

Seat 2: 28,400 Darren Corea

Seat 3: 46,800 Ed Sue

Seat 4: 51,600 Al DeLeon

Seat 5: 37,600 Darren Kennedy

Seat 6: 42,800 Scott Brynen

Seat 7: 31,600 Roger Grosset

Seat 8: 52,400 Mike Schubert

Seat 9: 27,200 Adrian Nelson

Seat 10: 30,800 Jordi Muckle


Unlike last years final this one had lots of action right off the bat.Only 20 minutes in, Darren C and Mike faced off in a big hand with a flop of A5x. Darren C led out for 2,000 on the flop and Mike made it 6,000. The turn cam a second diamond and Mike bet 10,000 which Darren C went into the tank before calling 5 minutes later leaving himself only 2,800 chips. The river was a blank and Mike put Darren C all in. Darren C thought for a while and made the crying call with the AQd and knowingly watch Mike flip over a set of 5’s. Darren Corea finished in 10th place and Mike move up to over 75,000 chips.


The very next hand saw Al raise under the gun with AJc and Darren K call with that same dreaded AQs and Mike call behind them. The flop of 985 missed both Al and Darren K who checked. Mike bet out 2,000, Al called and Darren K folded. The turn was a J and Al bet out, Mike raised and Al called. The river of 6 slowed both players down and Mike took down another large pot of 60,000 chips with his set of 9’s.


A few hands later in a limped pre-flop 6 way hand, the flop came down JT8 and was checked around. The turn came another 8 and Darren K led out 2,000, Roger called and Adrian pupmped it up to 10,000. Darren K thought for a bit and called the raise and Roger folded. The river King induced a check from Darren K, holding 84 and Adrian bet another 10,000 with his A8. After much thought Darren K laid down his trips and Adrian showed his big hand.


Ed, Roger and Jordi were in a decent sized preflop pot when the board came down 245. Jordi moved all in and received no action and then showed the AK bluff.


Level 2 (300-600):

Our 2nd elimination of the night came courtesy of Scott who KO’d lance when Lances 2nd nut flush ran into Scott’s nut flush in the following hand. Lance had J5h and Scott had QTh. The board was AhKh3hXX. Lance finished in 9th place and Scott joined Mike in the big stack category. This also pretty much ended Level 2 of play and brought us to our first break.


Seat 3: 32,400 Ed Sue

Seat 4: 21,800 Al DeLeon

Seat 5: 28,800 Darren Kennedy

Seat 6: 75,100 Scott Brynen

Seat 7: 32,400 Roger Grosset

Seat 8: 128,000 Mike Schubert

Seat 9: 36,900 Adrian Nelson

Seat 10: 20,200 Jordi Muckle


Level 3 (400-800):

Level 3 began with the final 8 and only two hands I noted. One included Adrian making it a large 5,000 chips to go and then Ed pushing all in for 32,000 over the top. Adrian folded and later said it was Queens that he laid down. The other had Al push all in for 17,800 with A8d only to run into Scott holding KK. A board of K673A didn’t aid Al and he was sent to the rails as our 8th place finisher.


Level 4 (600-1200):

Moving into Level 4 with only 7 players remaining we saw lots of action. A dramatic hand between Scott and Mike occurred where Scott held KK and Mike AQ. The board came an action-stifling QJTAA with checks to the river where Mike bet 10,000 and Scott showed good discipline by just calling the bet thus preventing catastrophe when his straight lost to Mike’s boat.


A hand shortly after saw Mike holding AQ again, but this time against Rogers AK with a flop of KQT, Roger checked and Mike bet 15,000 on the flop, Roger called. A turn of 8 and a check-check and a river 7 and a check to Mike who pushes Roger all in. Roger thought for a bit and made a good call, doubling up to about 65,000.


The very next hand saw the two lock horns again. The flop came 422 and Mike bet 4,000 and Roger raised to 12,000. Mike made the call and the turn came T. roger bet 40,000 and Mike laid it down stating he had big slick.


Still in level 4, Jordi moved all in preflop for 20,000 with pocket tens and Ed made the call with AJ. A board of 99xxx allowed Jordi to double up.


Roger and Adrian bet 6,000 each preflop and saw a flop of AKQ to which they both checked. When a 7 hit the turn, Roger bet 12,000 and Adrian folded what he said was a pocket pair. Roger showed AK.


Scott opened up a pot for 3,300 and Jordi started to get his chips ready to call with 33 when Adrian pushed all in, in front of him. Both Jordi and Scott mucked their hands (KJ for Scott) and Adrian showed the steal with JTc.


Level 5 (800-1600):

Jordi bet 4,200 with 88 and Adrian raised all in for 22,100. Jordi put him on AK and made the call but Adrian turned over Rockets and when the flop came Axxxx, Adrian double up.


A few hands later, it was folded to small blind Jordi who pushed all in to Ed. Ed made the easy call with QQ and was pleasantly surprised to see Jordi holding a mere 75c. The board came xxx7x and Jordi was sent packing as our 7th place finisher.


Mike got some revenge on Roger when he held 66 on a board of A62T4 in a limped pot. A 30,000 bet on the river was called by Roger who did not show but said hehad hit two pair. The 100,000 chip pot bounced Mike back into the chip leader position.


A couple hands later saw Mike open for 4,200 and Ed push all in for 41,300. Mike held QQ but decided he was likely behind and laid it down. As it turns out Ed held AQ.


Seat 3: 47,500 Ed Sue

Seat 5: 41,500 Darren Kennedy

Seat 6: 59,800 Scott Brynen

Seat 7: 60,000 Roger Grosset

Seat 8: 127,000 Mike Schubert

Seat 9: 42,800 Adrian Nelson


Level 6 (1000-2000):

Scott ran into a cooler early in Level 6 as Adrian opened for 6,000 and Scott pushed all in with QQ only to be insta-called by Adrian who held AA. The board helped no one and Scott was crippled down to 17,000.


A monster pot developed that would change the face of the table when on a board of AxxAx, Ed moved all in on the river for 39,500. Mike made the call with AJ, but Ed held AK and took down the 117,000 chip pot and the tourney lead.


Scott would fall in the last hand of Level 6 when he pushed all in with 77 and was called by Roger with AK. A King on the flop sealed Scott’s fate and just like last year, ended up in 6th place.


Level 7 (1500-3000):

Just one hand of note from this level saw an agonizing lay down by Roger. Ed opened for 12,000 and Roger made it 24,000. Ed made a quick call and the flop came J52. Ed checked to Roger who be t 20,000 and Ed check-raised him all for his last 29,000. Roger put him on Kings or Aces and made the lay down. We were later informed that Ed held AJ.


Seat 3: 151,000 Ed Sue

Seat 5: 39,000 Darren Kennedy

Seat 7: 29,000 Roger Grosset

Seat 8: 68,500 Mike Schubert

Seat 9: 88,500 Adrian Nelson


Level 8 (2000-4000):

With only 5 players remaining for 3 spots the intensity was stepped up a notch. Deep into Level 8, all 3 of Darren, Roger and the once big-stacked Mike were on life support with all having less than 30,000.


Level 9 (3000-6000):

With 3 short-stacks, Darren, Roger and Mike kept doing there damnedest to stay alive, all of them pushing in and surviving numerous times. Darren finally fell when from the SB he pushed in his last chips with 56 only to watch Roger call it easily with TT. The Tens held and we were down to the bubble with Darren dropping out as the 5th place.


Seat 3: 204,000 Ed Sue

Seat 7: 52,000 Roger Grosset

Seat 8: 20,500 Mike Schubert

Seat 9: 99,500 Adrian Nelson


Level 10 (5000-10000):

Going into Level 10 it looked like Mike was destined to be our bubble boy as he was critically short-stacked against his 3 opponents. However he steamed thru winning two hands per lap and getting up to 50,000 before treading water for awhile. In the meantime Adrian never won a single hand back from the break and was soon our shortstack after the following hand doubled Roger up.


Ed doubled up Roger on a board of 235 when Roger held A4 for the wheel versus Ed’s J2 for bottom pair. Interestingly Mike folded 46 on this hand which would have given him the larger straight. This hand really secured Rogers spot and put the battle for 3rd between Mike and Adrian.


The final hand occurred when Adrian pushed all in with pocket sixes to be called by Roger holding KQ. The window card was a King and that was all she wrote as the board finished K8933 sending Adrian away on the penultimate bubble for the second straight year and making Ed, Roger and Mike our grand prize winners.


Seat 3: 209,000 Ed Sue

Seat 7: 122,000 Roger Grosset

Seat 8: 45,000 Mike Schubert


Congrats to the 3 of you. You will be representing our league in Event #32 or #35 in the World Series of Poker down at the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on June 21st or 23rd. Do us proud!


Thanks to everyone in the league for another successful year and here’s to more of the same next year.


April 16th, 2007 – League Final Seating Chart (Standings, All Time Leaders)

Seating arrangement for the Final was drawn this morning by Grant. So without further ado the table will look like this:

Seat 1: 26,400 Lance Murdoch/Rick Rohrback

Seat 2: 28,400 Darren Corea

Seat 3: 46,800 Ed Sue

Seat 4: 51,600 Al DeLeon

Seat 5: 37,600 Darren Kennedy

Seat 6: 42,800 Scott Brynen

Seat 7: 31,600 Roger Grosset

Seat 8: 52,400 Mike Schubert

Seat 9: 27,200 Adrian Nelson

Seat 10: 30,800 Jordi Muckle


April 16th, 2007 - Event #10 is in the Books (Standings, All Time Leaders)

Well Event #10 is complete and we still don’t know who the 10th member at the final table will be. It was a night in which all the top point leaders took the majority of the points, only one player came from out of the pack to snag a coveted seat at the final and two players ended up tied in points, tied in points earned and tied in cash won. Those two players, Rick and Lance will need to show up early on the day of the final and will play a heads up match for the final spot at the final table. The heads up match is expected to take 20-30 minutes and the blind structure will be such that it will not go longer than an hour. The starting chip stack will be 5000 chips, with 10 minutes levels of: 50-100, 100-200, 200-400, 300-600, 500-1000, 1000-2000.


Darren Corea was the player who clutched up and moved up the ladder into the final table with a 4th place finish that was good enough to move from 13th to 8th. But as I mentioned it was the night of the points leaders as 6 of the top 7 points leaders scored in the points, proving that playing with no pressure is a lot easier than playing with your tournament life on the line. Al won the match and $360, Scott came second for $200, Darren K settled for 3rd and $130 while Darren C got 4th with $60. The tournament deciding hand came when short-stacked Darren C pushed all in with Q2 on a Q85 flop, Al pushed in over the top with K5 and Darren K called him with QJ. With about 75% of remaining chips in the pot, the turn came K and Al took down a monster, eliminated Darren C and crippled Darren K.


The big hand of the night came when Darren C pushed all in with his tourney life at stake with AA when he needed to move up just 2 places to get a seat in the final. Harry called him with Q8 spades and the flop came 2 spades. The turn was an Ace giving Darren C trips and the river Ace of spades gave Harry the flush but Darren C’s quads were good to take down the pot and Darren C was able to hang on a get into the final.


It was disappointment for those players in 8th-10th as Adrian, Lance and Grant could not hold on and garner much needed points and all were knocked out early and had to sit back and watch to see if there positions would hold. Grants place would not hold as both Darren C and Rick passed him and with both still live and already tied with Lance, Lance went home figuring his fate was sealed. But Rick would run into some bad luck and go out in 7th leaving him tied with Lance in all three categories (and now we at the league office will be needing to put more tiebreakers in for next year).


Others on the bubble that couldn’t get it done included Robin and Kerry who both came close to the points and Jay who made the points and tried to hang on but just couldn’t, bowing out in 8th only 3 spots from where he needed to be.


As for the final, the blinds structures will be as follows with half hour levels until Level 10:

Level 1: 200-400
Level 2: 300-600
Level 3: 400-800
Level 4: 600-1200
Level 5: 800-1600
Level 6: 1000-2000
Level 7: 1500-3000
Level 8: 2000-4000
Level 9: 3000-6000
Level 10: 5000-10000 (one hour)
Level 11: 8000-16000 (one hour)
Level 12: 10000-20000 (one hour)


Note that last years final lasted 4 hours and 15 minutes, ending in Level 9. A full six players reached Level 9 and three players (Adrian, Jordi, Scott) were KO’d in the same hand before the final hand saw Etienne’s AA take down an all in by Al holding K4 with an AJ4 flop. Last year the average chip stack was 36,280 with stacks ranging from 30,400 to 48,000 and only Al having more than 40,000. This year the average is up slightly to 37,560 but more noticeable is the gap between the haves and have-nots as the chips range from 26,400 to 52,400 with a total of 3 players with less than 30,000 and 4 players over 40,000.


April 9th, 2007 (Standings, All Time Leaders)

Long time between updates. Event #9 was nearly two weeks ago and resulted in some interesting results. The top 2 spots went to non-leaguers as Jesse Low took home top honours and former league member Dave Yee came second for $440 and $260 respectively. Ed Sue finished in 3rd which was good for $150, top honours and 10,000 points among league members. Jordi sent Harry to play for him and it was a good choice as Harry finished 4th for $80 and 8,000 pts.


We had a couple of noticeable DNP’s in Robin and Kerry who apparently were unaware of the schedule and were simply at home being couch potatos.


The battle for top 10 and a coveted spot in the final has had some official casualties as Shane, Dean, Gary, Javid, Neil and Colin are all officially elminated. There are basically 6 people in home and cooled with 9 players in an intense battle for those final 4 spots. Roger, Adrian, Lance, Grant, Kerry, Rick, Corea, Robin and Jay are all in there with very realistic shots with Jesse and Ray on the bubble needing a top 2 placing to have any hope. Pat and Andrew can only get in with a first place finish and some considerable help.


Make sure you are ready to play Friday as we hand out the remaining 4 tickets to the big dance.


February 24th, 2007 (Standings, All Time Leaders)

Event #8 went Friday night and I’d call it the night of the big hands. It seemed like every second hand someone had Bullets, Slick, Cowboys or Bitches. Twive the Cowboys faced the Bullets with pre-flop all-ins. And both times the Aces held. Congrats to Harry A for becoming the first non-leaguer to win an event. We had 27 players out including a rare-showing by Jesse R who had missed the last 4 events. As for the leaguer’s the big moves were from Lance who came 2nd but tops among leaguers for 10,000 points and moved up from 17th to 8th place and Darren C who obtained 8,000 points and moved from 19th to 12th.  Darren K became the 5th player to lock up a seat in the finals as he placed 4th good for 6,400 points and 5th overall. And then there is Kerry who has showed up for 4 events and made points 4 times. No other player has pointed in every event they played in. Good job Kerry. Another shout out to Kerry who took part in the Women’s Poker Open the next day and placed 23rd out of 300 players doing what no one else from our league has ever done, cashed in a major poker tourney. Congrats. And for another interesting tidbit, with Grant missing Event #7, Mike Schubert is now the only player to have played in every single event in DHPL history. He’s our iron man.


The tourney saw some big hands and some amazing feats of survival. Darren K and Grant were severely short-stacked with 14 players remaining but hung on and with a few nice hits managed to finish 4th and 6th respectively. Darren survived an all in with QQ vs AK vs K3 preflop. On a KTx flop it looked grim but a turn card J gave him an open-ender and the river 9 saved the day. Shortly later Grant got all in preflop against 2 opponents holding JT and flopped a perfect KQ9 to live a little longer.


Our dominating points leaders Mike and Al both didn’t point in the same event for the first time this year. Nice of them to let the rest of us get a few much needed points. The important 10th spot moved up 2,400 points from 22,800 to 25,200. And with 5th at 31,200 the battle is on for the remaining 5 spots. The pack tightened as well with 4,400 points separating 6th and 14th. With 2 events remaining the race is on. There are 6 players that if they don’t point in Event 9 will be officially out of it.


The new blind schedule seemed to work well as there was a lot more play without forcing people to go all-in pre-flop and people seemed to enjoy the action.


League pointers included: Lance, Darren C, Darren K, Kerry, Dean, Grant, Roger, Scott, Jay, Rick.


February 3rd, 2007 (Standings, All Time Leaders)

Event #7 started out as the Al and Mike show once more as both front-runners built some big stacks early in our 27 deep field. Both would make the points but not be a threat at the final table. A huge tourney win by Ed moved him into the growing group of players who have guaranteed a spot in the final along with a 3rd overall standing and $370. Rick who knocked his brother Ray out on the bubble on the way to getting heads up with a 4 to 1 chip lead only to finish second and $220 made the big move on the night . He jumped from 15th to 8th in the overall standings. Adrian finished 3rd which was good enough to move him from 10th to 5th in the standings and take down $140. We also had our first non-league player cash as Kerry’s designate Troy came 4th and won $80.


League pointers included: Ed, Rick, Adrian, Kerry, Ray, Mike, Al, Grant, Dean, Javid.


January 13th, 2007 (Standings, All Time Leaders)

We’ve had 3 people now ask about the fact that the league final is on a day they can not make. As such I want to propose that we wait and see who is in the final 10 after event #10 before moving the date. At that point if anyone can not make the final, then we can just find a date when all 10 people can make it. Please let me know what you think on this. I think since the final is only 10 people we could do it pretty much anywhere and I’m sure we can find a date that works for everyone.


January 13th, 2007 (Standings, All Time Leaders)

Another great night of poker and another night of domination by Mike Schubert. He wielded a big stack all night long and dominated the field until the final 4 when thing s got very evened out. He did prevail and became our first back-to-back winner with his 3rd tourney win of the year. A little better night had 24 players show up for 3 tables of fun. Scott also made news as he cleared the 30,000 point plateau and likely secured a spot in the final with a second place finish. It was the night of the suckout and no one sucked out more than Darren K (yah me) in one case with K6s all in preflop vs. Scotts KQs only to river a straight. Doug was KO’d early when his Cowboys got blindsided by two pair on the flop courtesy of Jay Friesen who was a monster chip holder early on. The final 4 lasted about 45 minutes at 5k/10k before losing anyone as the lead changed with every single flop. Eventually Scott KO’d Darren K and he and Mike outlasted Robin to get heads up. The two battled for a bit before Scott finally succumbed. The big position mover of the night was Robin who moved from 13th to 7th place with a nice 3rd place showing.


 Points went to Mike, Scott, Robin, Darren K, Ed, Jordi, Grant, Kerry, Javid, Gary.


In other news the Harrahs released the full 2007 World Series of Poker Schedule finally last week. Looking at the schedule we have determined that the best event for our winners to enter will be either Event 35 on Thursday June 21st or Event 38 on Saturday June 23rd. So if you plan on winning or plan on going down regardless of whether you win or not (aka me), you’ll do well to set that weekend aside from any other plans.


December 17th, 2006 (Standings, All Time Leaders)

Small night as only 16 league players and 2 designated alternates showed up for our 5th event. Al and Mike continued their combined dominance both finishing in the top 3 with Mike winning his second tourney of the season and closing to within 2,000 pts of Al. Adrian made the big jump of the night moving from 15th to 5th place. Dean became the 24th person to get points leaving only Colin in the pointless land. A full 9 league members didn’t show, although 2 of them did send replacements and those replacements both got points for Jordi and Pat.


Points went to Mike, Adrian, Al, Pat, Darren C, Grant, Jordi, Gary, Lance and Dean.


Lots of hands where two big cards like AJ or AQ pushed all in only to have another player holding AA call them down. One particularly nasty hand with 6 players remaining had Darren Corea and Grant both short-stacked and even in chips and on the blinds. It was folded around to SB Corea who pushed all in with KT. Grant looked down at AA and made the easy call only to watch in horror as the flop came KKxxx and sent Grant away in 6th place. Scott B and Al were the early big stacks, but Scott was unable to parlay that big stack into any points as he went out in 12th. It was also the first day that replacement players got any points as both Colin (for Pat) and Chad (for Jordi) cracked the top 10. For Pat it was a much needed 4,800 points that helped move him up a bit in the standings. Jordi received 2,000 pts and was not complaining either.


Here’s hoping the new year gets us some bigger turnouts for our tourneys. Time to get back to the 30+ realm.


November 27th, 2006 (Standings, All Time Leaders)

New feature. I have compiled the all time cash leaders from all Die Hard Poker League tourneys. No surprise that Al leads this one by a country mile. Also updated the Average placing on the standings sheet.


November 24th, 2006 (Standings)

Another tourney, another big point night for Al who fnished 4th and moved into guaranteed top 10 spot already. A big battle between Roger and Ed heads up for the tourney championship was very interesting for two reasons. Firsts they tried to chop the points, and then when I wouldn’t allow it, Roger tried all sorts of interesting maneuvers like offering Ed $40 to call on a hand when Roger was holding suited Big slick. In the end Roger won and took home the 10,000 points and the $360 for first. Ed was quite satisfied with 2nd and 8,000 points to go with the $200. Scott finished 3rd and took $120 while Al took $60 for 4th. We had a total of 26 players out on a cold night. I don’t remember too many hands other than when I pushed all in on a Thigh flop and got called down by Jay Friesen who was holding QJ with no flush draw. Of course the runner-runner AK gave him the broadway straight and sent me to rebuy. Grant was first man out which is almost unheard of. The kiddie table had plenty of excitement. Kerry dealt me JJ and Robin AA. We got all of our cash in preflop for about $75 a piece only to watch Kerry deal out AKQxT and give me a straight. On a board with 55xxK and 3 spades. Roger bet out $40, Adrian came over the top for $92 and Jordi sat for about 5 minutes with A3spades before finally calling. Roger folded his T9spades flush and  before Jordi even turned his cards over he said to Adrian “you have Kings don’t you”. He was right and Adrian’s fullhouse took down the biggest pot of the night.


The point placings went to: Roger, Ed, Scott, Al, Kerry, Adrian, Jay P, Rick, Mike and Pat. There are now 4 people that have had two top 4 placings and not surprisingly they are the 4 people on top of the standings at the moment. 


November 6th, 2006 (Standings)

The big shocker for Event #3 was that 3 more people showed up and joined the league bringing our total league members to 25. All three of these new guys (and girl) then proceeded to get points. In fact of the ten people making the points, 7 were without points prior to that night and one had only 400. The second shocker was that all 25 league members were on hand, not one person couldn’t make it. WE ended up with 31 players on the night which is a pretty solid turn out.


Congrats to Al who continues to show he’s no one year wonder by winning Event #3 after being the runner up in Event 2. Al out-duelled Jordi heads up to take home the first place and 10,000 points. The final hand of the night saw both players all in preflop for approximately equal stacks with Jordi’s KQ dominating Al’s Q9. The flop of JTx left both players open-ended and the turn card 8 however left Jordi with only 7 outs (9 or A) which didn’t come.


Earlier action from the night saw Grant and Scott get all in pre-flop on the first hand of the tourney. Grant’s QQ did not improve against Scotts AA and Grant was left calling ‘rebuy’. Grant went out later in the night when he flopped a 49T while holding 44. He happily got all in only to find out he was up against a set of tens.


Gary built up a massive stack and with 15 players remaining had about one quarter of all chips in play. But he ran into some hands and eventually lost out when his nut flush ran into a rivered full house at the final table. Scott’s final hand of the night came when Gary’s Ax won with the board double pairing above Scotts pair of 4’s. A tough counterfeit.


With 5 players remaining Robin was all in on the BB with 84 against Jordi’s 55. A board of 236x5 gave him the straight and kept him alive.


The cash game tried to rid itself of the name ‘kiddie table’ when players were winning and losing multiple $100’s and at one time about $1200 was in play on the table. Doug walked away big winner and a few others were up well over $100 which begs the question: who donated all the money?


One other note is that the WSOP has announced that the dates for the tourney will be June 1st – July 17th next year, so likely our winners will be going to Vegas mid to late June.


The point placings for the night were Al, Jordi, Robin, Roger, Darren, Ray, Ed, Gary, Kerry, Andrew.



October 16th, 2006

Event #2 came quickly on the heels of Event #1 and we gained another 3 league members putting us at 22 now. That’s a good number that will allow us to do the same thing we did last year, sending two people down and give 3rd place the buy in only.


We had 21 people out for the tourney and it start out very different than event #1. We had the computer clock up and running and Jesse wasn’t there to knock everybody out quickly. It wasn’t until after the first break before we even lost a single person. By that time the Darren, Darren and Grant had run into some good luck and developed some healthy chip stacks. Grant was dealt AA twice in 6 hands and got paid off on them with all ins both times resulting in 15,000 chips by Level 2.


Jordi played the role of bubble boy for points this time around when his big king ran into Scott’s two pair and was sent packing. Darren Corea played a monster hand against Darren Kennedy with a flop of Ace high all hearts and holding AJ he re-raised Kennedy. Kennedy thought for a long time with his AT (T was hearts) before making the 12,000 chip call. The heart didn’t come but the Ten did and Corea made the “Rebuy” call as Kennedy raked a 45,000 chip pot. AT was huge in another hand early on when Jordi holding KQ on a J84  flop reraised Javid all in for about 3800 chips and Javid made the call with AT!! A perfect runner-runner QK gave Javid broadway and left Jordi stunned.


The final table started with Al making his comeback to the league and Darren Kennedy holding approximately 60% of the chips in play between them while the other 8 split the remainder. A couple quick losses to Grant and Jay left Darren quickly below average stack however and fighting to survive. Mike won a couple big hands and soon was in control of the table. Several bust outs later it got 5 handed with Grant, Darren and Lance fighting to stay alive against the 2 big stacks of Mike and Al. Grants luck ran out and then on a 3 way all in between Darren, Lance and Al, Darren’s K2 tripped up and sent Lance away as the bubble boy. Shortly after that Mike KO’d Darren in 3rd place ($100) and the battle for first was on. Mike holding the working hand (95) and Al with Texas Dolly (T2) were all in and Mike stayed alive with a 5 on the river. A couple hands later and Mike was victorious adding a first place ($300) to go with his 3rd in Event #1. Al settled for 2nd ($170)


The point placings for the night were Mike, Al, Darren, Lance, Grant, Jay, Pat, Scott, Doug and Neil.


October 9th, 2006

Well event #1 is over and we had a smaller turnout than hoped for with only 20 players showing up of which 18 were in for the league. We have 20 league members for sure so far with 3-4 others still waffling heading into Event #2. We also had some crappy cards and no software running on the computer. Both of those will be addressed for Event #2.


The action was completely opposite at the two tables in play as one table was action after action after action as Jesse kept hitting monsters while on the other table very little happened early on. There were no bust-outs in the first 4 levels which was unusual, but in level 5 they began and by the rebuy point we had 15 of 20 players remaining. Jesse was a one man machine knocking out by my count 12 of the 19 KO’s to end up winning the tourney and the $300. Scott did his best actually holding a chip lead heads up over Jesse, but this was Jesse’s night and Scott was left with second place and $150. The 3rd place finisher was Mike Schubert who walked away with $100. The point finishers can be seen below. Unfortunately I can’t remember much in the way of hand action but suffice it to say Jesse was on the winning side of a few bad beats.


Event #2 is coming up in 4 days so lets get ready to rumble! And get some more of your friends out. I like the 30-45 players turnouts we had last year. Also we are starting at 8pm precisely this week. If you are running late phone me at 604-306-6267 and let me know and we’ll just deal you in.


September 13th, 2006

OK boys and girls, above is the list of dates and times for Season 2.


We have about 15-16 people so far that said they are interested in playing the league portion. I would love to get that number up to 20-25 by go time. So talk to your friends and lets get some more poker fanatics in here.


Aug 30th, 2006

Well, Jamie Gold was just crowned the new 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event champion a few days ago (and won a hefty $12million) and it’s time to start thinking about 2007. We need to get ready to start up season 2 of the Die Hard Poker league. Our winners went to Vegas and Grant represented us very well while the rest of us took our lumps, but that won’t discourage us from trying again next year. We are going to operate very similar to last year with a few minor changes:


1) Substitutes: We will continue to allow substitutes, but you will need to send someone specifically, that person must approach the tourney organizer and state who in the league s/he is playing for and that person MUST PAY your $30 WSOP drop before the tournament begins for you to be eligible for any points that person gets you.


2) The tourneys we are discussing doing $40/tourney and $30/WSOP drop.


3) The starting time will remain the same at 8pm start but we will do our best to get the show going on time as this was the number one complaint from last year.


What I need from you guys? First and foremost I want to know who is interested in returning for another season and who is interested in joining. We don’t have an upper limit in mind but we would like to have a good approximation of numbers so that we know what we are dealing with. I’m expecting 65-70% of you guys returning and a few guys will join (some of Lance, Ed, Sean B, Dean, Attila, Roger, Jay P, who were semi-regulars last year anyway). But let all your friends know, the more the merrier. And note that the same $120 for first event will be required.

Season 1