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Next Event: Event #10 $100 NLH

Date Time: Friday March 1, 2024 7pm

Location: Guildford Golf & Country Club, 7929 152 St, Surrey BC

Darren: darrenkennedydk@gmail.com



Online Weekly: $50 NLH and $25 HORSE (DHPL Online)

Date Time: EVERY MONDAY 7pm

Location: PokerStars

Zoom: Meeting Link (Starts 6:30pm)


 (all start times 7pm except final 2pm start)

  1. xFriday, September 15
  2. xFriday, October 13
  3. xFriday, October 20
  4. xFriday, November 3
  5. xFriday, November 17
  1. xFriday, January 5
  2. xFriday, January 26
  3. xFriday, February 16
  4. xSaturday, February 17
  5. Friday, March 1

BONUS EVENT Saturday March 23 $300 Bounty

LEAGUE FINAL Saturday, April 6 2:00PM


2024 WSOP $10,000 Main Event and

Several prizes between $1,000 and $5000


Bonus Date: March 23 –$300 NLH ($200 to prize pool and $100 to Bounty) Tourney. (not for league points)


Feb 17, 2024 Die Hard Event #9 Won by Brad Wilson

One day after Event #8 we were at it again and this time Brad Wilson outlasted, James Tichenor, Piers Wylie and Faisal Al Qutub after a 4 way chop of the money. The event saw 97 runners. With just one event to go, everyone will have to dig deep to earn some more chips for the final in Event #10. For the guaranteed prize for winning the league we have 5 people fighting for it. Andy Goosen has the pole position with Everett Wicklund, Brad Wilson, Zach Nicholls and Mike Mittermuller being the only players that can catch him.


Feb 16, 2024 Die Hard Event #8 Won by Zach Nicholls

Zach Nicholls one upped his second place finish earlier in the season in Event #2 by winning it outright over Greg Locke and Evan Horton. We had an amazing 120 runners for this event.


January 29, 2024 Die Hard Event #7 Won by Danny Bajaj

Hot off of his excellent showing at the Calgary WSOP, Danny came in and won Event #7 over Andy Luong. Long time member Jason Nadeau finished in third after getting a massive stack early that was enough to help him survive a card dead final table. Andy Goosen also rode his recent hot hand in Calgary to an 8th place finish to extend his points lead for the season. Everett Wicklund did pot 6,500 points to keep on his tail though as the race for the season champ comes down to the final 3 events.


Please note that Events 8 and 9 are back to back nights on Feb 16 and 17.


January 23, 2024 Dieharders 24 Cashes at WSOPC Deerfoot, Calgary for $141,196!!!!

There were plenty of obstacles getting to Calgary and several Die Harders were unable to make the trip due to flight cancellations, but those that did make it to Deerfoot definitely left their collective mark on the Series. Almost every day I was there one Die Harder or another was making a deep run. We had 5 Final Tables as Die Harders did their best to bring some jewellery home.


None got closer than Andy Goosen who lost headsup for the ring. I myself had a glorious shot at a ring before ultimately falling in 3rd spot. Danny Bajaj and Roger Grosset both got 7th in their respective Final Tables and Brant Taylor secured a 9th place at his Final Table.


Everyone looked great in our new Die Hard gear and lots of fun was had by all. The series proved once again that the Die Hard Poker League contains a wealth of solid poker players ready to take on the world’s best.


Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday.


Cashes I know of from last week include:

Deerfoot: WSOP International Circuit Calgary

Event #3 $400 NLH

Andy Goosen 21st for $3,602

Harry Aujla 57th for $1,457

Andy Luong 78th for $1,352

Event #4 Mystery Bounty

Danny Bajaj 7th for $4,381 plus ~$4,200 in bounties

Event #5 $400 Seniors

Event #6 $400 Bounty

Event #7 $1000 NLH

Harry Aujla 40th for $1,806

Henry Oh 61st for $1,632

Event #8 $400 PLO

Event #9 $400 Monster Stack NLH

Andy Goosen 2nd for $53,249

Roger Grosset 48th for $1,507

Darren Kennedy 1B 106th for $602

Event #10 $1000 Turbo

Darren Kennedy 3rd for $19,226

Harry Aujla 17th for $2,272

Event #11 $1700 Main Event

Danny Bajaj 18th for $20,138

Nik Fabisiak 51st for $5,747

Evan Horton 60th for $5,115

Faisal Al Qutub 140th for $3,095

Sam Raz 163rd for $2,944

Event #12 $250 Flip N Go

            Brant Taylor 9th for $1683

Andy Goosen 19th for $817

Darren Kennedy 31st for $544

Danny Bajaj 33rd for $544

Event #13 $400 PLO Bounty

            Roger Grosset 7th for $2,731

Event #14 $2200 High Roller

Event #15 $250 NLH

            Brant Taylor 33rd for $552


Ace Casino Calgary

Ace Dail Grind

Doug Cornelson 4 way chop for $600

Ace $225

            Roger Grosset 6th for $1,400






Andy Goosen

 $      57,668


Danny Bajaj

 $      29,263


Darren Kennedy

 $      20,372


Nik Fabisiak

 $        5,747


Harry Aujla

 $        5,535


Evan Horton

 $        5,115


Roger Grosset

 $        5,638


Faisal AlQutub

 $        3,095


Sam Raz

 $        2,944


Brant Taylor

 $        2,235


Henry Oh

 $        1,632


Andy Luong

 $        1,352


Doug Cornelson

 $           600


I may have missed a couple so if anyone knows of more let me know.


January 19, 2024 Great Success so far in Calgray

So far we have already had 3 final tables at WSOP events with our die harders coming oh so close to a ring. None closer than Andy Goosen who was runner up in the 1380 player $400 Monster Stack on Jan 18th. Oh so close but fortunately he made an ICM chop headsup and left $5K to play for so he cashed for $53,249. Darren Kennedy (that’s me 😊) finished 3rd in the $1K turbo and took home $19,226 for my time. Felt amazing but 3 handed I had about 65% of the chips in play before doubling the same guy up 4 times all in preflop including AQ<95 and my personal favorite 48<JJ. Nonetheless an amazing result for me. Our third final table was Danny Bajaj who came 7th in Mystery Bounty for $4300 plus another $4200 in bounties.


Harry Aujla didn’t final table an event but he did cash all 3 tournies that he played which is absolutely amazing.

Andy also got a 21st of 1731 playing in the first multiflight $400 which was Event #3 for $3,602.


Huge results and more to come in the next 3-4 days.


January 7, 2024 Mike Mittermuller outlasts Everett Wicklund for the Win

Nice to have everyone back for yet another tourney. We had 96 entries and long time Die Harder Mike Mittermuller notched his 3rd ever win. Andy Goosen with yet another great finish kept his spot on top of the season leaderboard. Mike and Everett’s finishes were enough to move them to 2nd and 3rd in the standings respectively.


Great to see a lot of people wearing the new Die Hard gear. It looks fantastic! Love to see players repping this league and repping it well.


Next event is in 3 weeks time but before that we have a whole host of Die Harders heading to Calgary to play in the WSOP Circuit event at Deerfoot. By my count we have 23 players I know of that are going and I am certain I missed a few. Good luck to all you Die Harders heading to Alberta




DIE HARD POKER LEAGUE MERCH: Home (promoplace.com)


Click above and go buy yourself some Die Hard Poker League branded merchandise. This is for sale from now until December 5th only. You have 7 days. We will place an order once per year so your next chance will likely not be until this time next year. Don’t wait go and order.


There is so much cool stuff from hats to jackets, to backpacks, patches and hoody’s.


For those going to Calgary in January it would be great if we could all roll in Die Hard Poker branded.


The order will be placed on Dec 5th and delivered to me (Darren) in Langley on Dec 20. I will then either bring your gear to Die Hard Tourney on Jan 5th or you can come meet me in Langley before that to pick up. No costs for delivery.


November 17, 2023 Wray Jones wins Event #5

Huge congrats to Jonesy who took down Event #5. His first ever win at a Die Hard Event came over Mike Mittermuller, Chris Watts and Paul Deol. Movement in the standings as both Nik Mitevski and Darren Kennedy picked up points to edge up the leaderboard. Now we have a long wait until Event #6 which comes first Friday after New Years.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everyone.


November 3, 2023 Paul Anaka wins Event 4 and Jamie Hucul takes the 10,000 points

Another massive turnout saw 94 people and 112 entries, one more than Event 3. Some great poker was played and lots of fun as always. The final 2 tables saw a tonne of shortstack double ups on table 2 as people jockeyed for position and to get into the cash. Dave Sims bubbled the money and we moved onwards. Dave Aplas bubbled the final table. A huge congrats to Ivan Dmytryshyn who battled hard and took a tough beat at final two tables but survived it and eventually went out in 7th place for his first Die Hard cash. Ivan and his brother Vasyl from Ukraine have dropped in to every event this year. As for the final 5, Darren Kennedy would go out 5th and Andy Goosen 4th on the same hand. I was shortstacked and stuck it in with A7o, Jamie called the 2 BB bet in the SB with 33 and Andy did the same from the BB with 68o. Starting the hand Jamie and Andy were two of the biggest stacks. The flop came 368 and all the chips went into the middle. Headsup between Paul Anaka and Jamie lasted one hand as they both picked up an Ace but Paul’s was just a little bigger and his A9 held over A5 of Jamie for the win.


One other massive hadn saw 4 players all in with just a few tables remaining. The flop was 678 and two players had the T9 including Tosca, one player held 95 and one held 87. The river came 8 to fill up the 87 which I believe was Vasyl’s hand. Crazy action. Two more weeks and we do it again before we have nearly 2 months of no poker. See you all on the 17th.


October 27, 2023 Cindy Chen and Chris Latourelle Chop Event #3.

Cindy took the win and Chris took the 10,000 points as Cindy was on rebuy. 111 entries made it one of our biggest events post covid. Great turnout and lots of fun. Next event is November 3rd. Look forward to seeing everyone out there.


October 14, 2023 Andrew Creed wins Events 2 over Zach Nicholls

While Andrew may have won the event the true star of the night was the new chipset. Brand spanking new custom Die Hard Poker chips were introduced for this event and everyone agrees they look and feel amazing. So happy to have some new chips with denominations on them to use. Also of note is that Darren and Roger both final tabled last night. Been a while since us two organizers final tabled the same event. Also a first was that all 14 players that cashed were still playing for points. No one that rebought and no non-leaguers made the money. Way to keep it in the fold. Even better news is we have no rest as we are right back at it next Friday for Event #3.


September 16, 2023 Jeff Hall and Andy Goosen chop Event #1 with Andy winning 10,000 points

Great turnout for Event #1 saw 88 people and 103 buyins. Awesome to see everyone back in action as we kicked off the 18th running of the Die Hard Poker League. Lots of new faces join us this year and our league membership sits at 98 players. Still room for someone to join in the fun. Standings page has been updated with all the in the point and in the money finishers.


September 11, 2023 Let the Season Begin!

We are back! Summer is over and that means only one thing ...Football Season... err I mean DIE HARD POKER TIME!!!


We play this Friday at 7pm and I for one am pumped up and ready to go. Please note we have a few things to discuss so buy-in by 6:50pm please so that we can talk and go through the changes in the league this year.


Some news and changes this year:

1.     Since we have 100 league members and 11 tables with ability to seat 99 players at once, league members will get priority over drop-ins. To maintain their priority league members will need to buy-in by 6:50pm. League members that do not buy-in by 6:50pm will not be guaranteed a seat initially as at 6:50pm I will give out empty seats to drop-ins.

2.     Drop-ins: the drop-in list will be open at 6pm and will be first paid, first served. I expect we will be able to sit 10-13 players before cards in the air each night and then another 8-10 as alternates. If you want to play it will be up to you to be there at 6pm and buy-in. You must be there in person. No one lese can buy-in for you.

3.     If you bust out you will go to the back of any alternate list before you get your seat. Still only 1 rebuy per player.

4.     Rebuys go until end of first break (1.5Hrs)

5.     Last longer of $100 will continue and we will continue to pay 50% to 1st, 30% to 2nd and 20% to 3rd. Players can make any deals they want with last longers though.

6.     Final League Prizes. We will only be having the Main Event winners having to pay anything back to the league from now on. The rest of the prizes will be intended to be used as poker tourney buy-ins, but I will not be tracking them and thus are really just going to be cash prizes. The Main Event winners will have the option of playing the WSOP Main Event in Vegas or the WSOP Main Event in Europe.


September 8, 2023 League is Full with 100 Players and 1 person on waitlist

We are currently full with 100 people signed up for the league. There will likely be 2-4 people drop out in next few days so we are taking a waitlist. Current wait list is just one person. So if you want in please let me know ASAP.


Drop In Policy for this year.

Please note that we have 100 league members and can only seat 99 people at once. This means if everyone shows up that non-league members would need to wait for bustouts to be able to play. The reality is that we almost always have 10-12 league members that don’t show per event. We will be able to take dropins but policy this year will be that non-leaguers wait until 7pm to get their seat as league members will have priority. At 7pm I will sit as many non-leaguers as I can and any left over will be on the alternate list to take a seat that opens up from a bustout. Alternate list will take priority over the player busting being able to rebuy. Player busting will go to the back of the alternate list.


Non-leaguers will be taken in order of when they pay. We will post an alternate list at 6pm. You sign in on that and pay your entry. Those that show up and pay first will be first on the list.


I hope this makes sense to everyone. Depending on how it goes we may make alterations to keep it smooth.


August 20, 2023 League DATE CHANGE

Please note that event 2 was originally scheduled for September 29th. It is being moved to October 20th.


August 12, 2023 League Members – Please Send League Fees of $650 CAD

OK its time to start sending in your league fees. I need you to send $650 CAD via etransfer to darrenkennedydk@gmail.com to lock up your spot. We are over 90 league members so far and I need to make sure we don’t turn people away if spots are open. So get your money in and I will update the paid on the list below by denoting ‘PD’ to right of your name. Thanks to all who have already sent their fees in.


To verify if I have received your money you can check standings page here: Season 18 - 2023/24


August 12, 2023 Pat Woelk wins Mystery Bounty Tourney, but Tosca Lueks takes 2nd and the 2 big bounties

Really fun tourney with 59 entries last night. Lots of good chatter, rebuys and fun had by all. We gave out 18 bounties ranging from $800 down to $50. A lot of the drama went early as Tosca picked the big $800 bounty on first draw and she took the next biggest $500 bounty with her second pick so the big bounties were gone early. Bounties were won by the following players:

1 - $800 bounty – Tosca Lueks

1 - $500 bounty – Tosca Lueks

2 - $250 bounties – Pat Woelk, Paul Anaka

2 - $200 bounties – Darren Kennedy, Paul Anaka

3 - $100 bounties – Paul Anaka, Tosca Lueks, Nick Pesht

9 - $50 bounties – Pat Woelk (5), Darren Kennedy (2), Robin Scorry, Nick Pesht


Tourney Results included: Pat Woelk ($2000 + $500), Tosca Lueks ($2000 + $1400), Paul Anaka ($1200 + $550), Darren Kennedy ($900 + $300), Nick Pesht ($700 + $150) Robin Scorry ($500 + $50), Paul Deol ($450), Kerry Sweeney ($400), Jason Wells ($400)


August 9, 2023 $200 Buyin, Mystery Bounty Tourney

Hi guys, we have a $200 buyin this Friday with $50 towards the bounty pool. It will be Mystery bounties to the top 30% of the field. So with 51 players for example there would be the following 16 bounties:

1 - $750 bounty

1 - $500 bounty

2 - $250 bounties

4 - $100 bounties

8 - $50 bounties


Please let me know at darrenkennedydk@gmail.com if you are interested and plan on coming. Guessing we will have 40-50 players.


August 9, 2023 Signing Up for the upcoming Die Hard Season

Who’s playing this year???? Email me or text me if you are in. If your name isn’t here, then I don’t know. Returning players get priority over newcomers. I will collect a list of all newcomers and next end of July, depending on space available we will let newcomers know if they are in or not.


Updated: September 8th, 2023. Total 100!! WE are full and currently have a waitlist with 1 person on it.


For who has paid click Standings


Returning Players

Waiting on Confirm


Not Returning







































































Allan Foster

Alyssa Webber

Andrew Creed

Andrew Krywaniuk

Andy Goosen

Bobbi Frost

Brad Wilson

Brant Taylor

Brent Senko

Brian Taylor

Cathy Mai

Chris McDonell

Chris Watson

Chris Watts

Dan Molatore

Damien Zillig

Darren Kennedy

Dave Brunham

Dave Collier

Dave Sims

Deepak Bhasin

Dennis Neels

Diane Abrey

Doug Cornelson

Doug Crone

Eric Ruttan

Everett Wicklund

Graham Spence

Greg Lock

Guy Bottin

Henry Oh

James Tichenor

Jamie Hucul

Jeff Hall

Jesse Forster

Jim Prime

Johnny Dai

Jordan Kroeker

Kal Kooner

Katarina Mitevska

Keith Fisher

Kelli Cera

Kelly Lange

Martin Sayle

Martin Todosychuk

Michelle Owen

Mike Honeyman

Mike Mittermuller

Mike Twitchell

Mo Pannun

Nick Simon

Nikola Mitevski

Pat Woelk

Paul Anaka

Paul Deol

Raj Parmar

Rik Rohrback

Robert Brechin

Roger Grosset

Sam Raz

Scott Brynen

Shawn Lange

Spiro Pegos

Steve Mclarty

Tony Washburn

Tosca Lueks

Travis Wiens

Trevor Massey

Ty Duong

Tyler Marples



Adi Aggarwal (Hard Rock)

Cameron Doerksen (MH)

Cenzo Cimino (BF)

Chris Latourelle (MO)

Cindy Chen (DC)

Colton Kroeker (JK)

Don Krekoski (MO)

Faisal AlQutub

Gordie Clark (SP)

Jason Makowski (JK)

Jason Marshall (AW)

Jeremy Skinner

Johanna Hauterville (HardRock)

Johanne Glyn-Jones (MO)

John Clark

John Romanowski

Melanie Romanowski

Mike Baker (BS)

Nate Rajakumar ()

Nik Fabisiak

Phil Pereira (website)

Piers Wylie

Ryan Freeman

Zach Nicholls (new)

Abe Leiren

Adam Cappon

Dan Cassidy

Darren Hindley

Garry Juvelin

Georg Jancev

Hal Fellingham

Kerry Sweeney

Mike Bigelow

Robin Scory

Rod Seitz

Troy Border



July 8, 2023 Main Event Day 2ABC Update

Eric Ruttan was unable to get it going and busted in Level 7 of the Main when his AT ran into AA after being crippled to a few big blinds.

Robin Scorry who entered Day 2 with 109K stack had a little more success making it past dinner break into Level 9 but ultimately he too would fail to pull a bag into Day 3.


Both Brant Taylor and Darren Kennedy start their Main Events today as we decided to skip Day 1 and buy straight into Day 2. Beyond stoked and ready to play my heart out.


July 7, 2023 Main Event Day 1 Updates

Eric Ruttan played Day 1 on Tuesday and fought hard all day not getting a lot of cards but he did make it through to Day 2 with 23,000 chips (from 60K startstack). He plays his Day 2 today (Friday), so good luck Eric!

Brad Wilson played his Day 1 on Thursday and he battled hard building his stack up to to 70K before having some setbacks down to mid 40K levels. And then unfortunately late in the night he busted the Main Event. It’s a tough tournament to bust. We feel your pain,


July 2, 2023 All dates are now FINAL.

Please verify you are good for April 6 for the League Final.


June 11, 2023, Still Working out League Dates. AUGUST 11th $300 Bounty ($100 Bounties) Tourney is a GO!!!!

I am still working with Guildford to finalize league dates for next year. Above is the potential dates. Hopefully I’ll have them finalized in the next 7 days.


We WILL be running a $300 buyin tournament as a one off on August 11. There will be $100 bounties for every player you knock out. So mark your dates and I will take a list once we get closer to that date.


June 8, 2023, Diehard League Returning Players and Interest List

We are coming back at Guildford again. The schedule is posted and like last year we have a back-to0back night in January.Please check the dates and particularly the final date to make sure you are good with everything.


As of right now I need to start seeing an interest list. We will go with the same format as always with 10 events being run between September and April.


Buyin for each tourney will be $100 and league fees for the season are going to be $650 Canadian. All players need to pay the league fees prior to event #1. I will convert all of the league fees into USD after Event #1 to hold as year-end prizes. I would prefer to take the $650 via etransfer ahead of time if possible.


So who is in? Let me know now please. I will collect $650 starting in August via etransfer lock in your spot at darrenkennedydk@gmail.com.


I will keep track of who has let me know they are returning and who has paid up near top of this page and eventually on the standings page that will be created.








You are invited to join my private poker club for Home Games online


If you don't already have it, download the free PokerStars software from www.pokerstars.com


Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab

Click the 'Join a Poker Club' button

Enter my Club ID number: 3207743

Enter my Invitation Code: dhpl2020

That's it! Once I've approved your membership request, we'll be ready to start playing Home Games online together




After you have done that, please email darrenkennedydk@gmail.com with your pokerstars ID and I will accept your membership.


NOTE: I will only be accepting those that are current or former league members at this time. I will let you know if that changes.



The WSOP Crew! Trying to figure out who is all going for WSOP in Vegas May 30 – July 18 2023.


Ben Walker June 18-25

Brad Wilson – July 4-11 - Main Event timeframe – Day1D July 6

Brant Taylor – June 17-30

Chris McDonell – May 30 – until he’s tired of poker

Chris Watson Jun 2-8, June 16-22, June 26-30 possible and also July trip??

Darren Kennedy June 19-26, July 5-10 (Sat July 8 2D?)

Dean Hilts – June 19-26?? Sometime in here

Doug Cornelson June 1-9, June 20-30

Eric Ruttan – Main Event timeframe

Henry Oh – May 30-June 30, July 5-16

Jim Prime – No longer going

Johnny Dai and Tosca Lueks – June 21-28

Keith Fisher – June 10-18

Mike Honeyman – June 18-27

Paul Anaka – early July

Kerry Sweeney and Robin Scorry – June 15 – June 21

Trevor Massey – June 29- July 4


Dieharders in Calgary





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