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For records on Seasons 1-10 see the bottom of this page.


Next Event: $50 NLH and $10 HORSE (DHPL Online)

Date Time: EVERY MONDAY 7pm

Location: PokerStars

Zoom: Meeting Link (Starts 6:30pm)

Darren: darrenkennedydk@gmail.com


Tourney Dates Weekly $50 NLH and $10 HORSE Tourneys EVERY MONDAY!




August 21, DHPL Online Mondays Info and Results


May 24, Mondays $50 NLH and $10 HORSE Results

First Monday of cash tourneys saw 21 players in $50 NLH and 17 in HORSE.

NLH Results (21): Mike Twitchell $363.50, Ali Samji $340, Johnny Dai $157.50, Ted Hill $105, Ryan Macdonald $84

HORSE Results (17): Darren Kennedy $63.75, Kelli cera $63.75, Mike Twitchell $25.50, Abe Leiren $17


Reminder that next Monday we will again play $50 NLH and $10 HORSE on pokerstars.


May 19, Mondays $50 NLH and $10 HORSE

We will be running weekly tourneys for cash but no formal seasons from now until September. If you want to play it will cost you 20,000 play chips to enter on stars. Additionally you will need to etranfer me your entry 30 minutes prior to the tourney or I will remove you from the tournament. Payouts will be in proportion to however stars decides to payout the free money chips.


May 19, Congrats to Darren Hindley for winning Season 18 and the other 7 winners

With this season concluding we will take a break from holding an official online league until September where we will hopefully be able to play live again.


March 15, Season 18 Kicks Off Tonight!

We have 36 confirmed players and 4 more on the fence atm. Looking forward to another fun season.


March 9, Season 18 Online Begins March 15

That’s right we are back for our 3rd straight online season. Same deal as before. $500 to sign up. We are moving the dates to Mondays because I, myself have issues with Wednesday nights. We are starting March 15 and running for 10 straight weeks. So if you know you are in or if you know you are out, please let me know ASAP. I will update this new Standings 18 page with who is in and who is out.


February 18, Bob Lisle Wins Event #7

After folding down to less than one blind with 9 remaining, Bob Lisle played his chip and a chair all the way back to win the tourney. Mike Honeyman had his second runner-up spot of the season and John Keserich took the overall points lead with a 4th place finish.


February 18, Events #3-6 won by Darren Hindley, Darren Kennedy, Thomas Davis and Darren Hindley

Sorry for the no updates but Darren’s won 3 of 4 in the stretches between events #3 and 6. You think with myself actually winning a tourney I would update the website, but noooooo. As for Hindley, his performance vaulted him into the points lead.


January 15, Ali Samji wins, Mike Honeyman 2nd and Bob DeForest 3rd

Ali and Bob show they are no flukes by both having a win and two podium finishes in the first two events putting a huge gap between them and the rest of the field. Mike Honeyman came second. The rest of the results can be seen on the Standings page.


January 10, Bob DeForest Wins Event #1 of Die Hard Season 17 (Online)

Congrats to Bob DeForest for winning Event #1 outlasting Ali Samji who channeled his inner DK in negotiating a shortstack that went down to as little as 1.19BB’s and stayed mostly under 8 BBs from 23 players all the way to headsup where he did take the lead but ultimately fell to Bob. Wray Jones made waves early getting a monster stack by playing nearly every hand.


And we also increased our number of league members up to 44 players for this season. Looking forward to Event #2 this Wednesday.


December 18, Die Hard Season 17 (Online) Starts January 6th

Season 16 just ended and Season 17 will start on January 6th. If you are interested please email me and let me know. Same situation as last season in that you pay $500 up front and we will pay top 15-20%. No league final etc, etc. Looks like the bulk of 39 players that played last season are in again for this upcoming season and we are open for new registration. I have 8 new people already saying they are in. Lmk!


For those in previous season. I have paid out all players now except Dennis, Sam, Johnny and Jeff. Limits on etransfers of $2500 per day. One per day will be paid out from here on.


December 16, Event #10 Dennis Neels Wins Event 10 and League

Congrats on the 8 winners. My condolences to Bod DeForest who ended up tied with Rachel Grillot for 8th but lost out on the money due to Rachel having earned more money in cashes over the season. Tough loss. Great drama during the final as Ali went out on the bubble and could only sit and watch to see if his lead held. Sam Raz fell 100 points short of Ali going out in 12th place. Then when Johnny went out in 8th, Ali only had to fade a Brant top 3 finish or a Dennis win. Brant would finish third AND Dennis won dropping Ali down to 3rd place. Rachel folded down to just a few blinds on points bubble and that 400 points she got was enough for her to pass Bob and ultimately made her $500 went she went out in 16th place for 400 points.


Great season. Please look at the standings page to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I am going to review it in detail on Friday before I start paying out all the money.


We will start another season in January. I will get the dates fixed soon but likely I will start it Wednesday January 6th for 10 straight weeks. Don’t plan on changing the format at all, but if you have suggestions for how to improve the league please let me know.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


November 4, Event #3 Sam Raz Wins again defeating Dennis Neels

Sam Raz has a commanding early season lead now after winning both of events #2 and 3. Also of note is that only one player has pointed in all 3 events. That being Shaun Ali who sits in the 8th spot.


I have also added pokerstars names to the standings page so you can identify who is who.


October 28, Event #2 Won by Sam Raz, Jeff Hall Runner Up

Congrats to Sam Raz who outlasted Jeff Hall in a tourney that ended quickly. 10:34pm ending. Christina Armstrong finished 3rd and Rachel Grillot made it back to back top 4 finishes adding 4th to go with last weeks 2nd to take over sole possession of the points lead. Once again all 39 members showed up and yours truly bubbled the points. Fun! Standings Page has been updated.


October 21, Online Standings/Rule Page Up

Mike Twitchell won the first ever Die Hard Online tourney outlasting in an epic 30 minute heads-up battle against Rachel Grillot that saw the chip-lead change 8 times. The tourney got to heads-up just after 11pm and ended at 11:43pm. We cracked the money bubble at 10:20pm when Bob Lisle bowed out. Jason Nadeau took 7th, Shaun Ali 6th, Abe Leiren 5th, Ali Samji 4th and Brant Taylor 3rd.


You can see the points and cashes on the standings page.



October 21, Online Standings/Rule Page Up

I have posted a link to the new Online League Rules and Standings so that we can track results, list the payouts chart and points chart. Please refer to that page during games to know how many are being paid and how much you win. We are up to 38 confirmed members with 2 more possibilities as of 3pm on Wednedsay


October 19, 2020 DHPL Online Version Begins in 3 days! (Wed Oct 21, 7pm)

We are good to go for the online league. League members that have paid up so far include 38 players:

Abe Leiren

Ali Samji

Andrew Krywaniuk

Bob DeForest

Bob Lisle

Brad McKibbon

Brant Taylor

Chris Flaman

Chris Watts

Christina Armstrong

Dan Molatore

Darren Kennedy

Deepak Bhasin

Dennis Neels

Doug Cornelson

Elton Ngan

Fred Thiessen

Harry Aujla

Jason Nadeau

Jeff Hall

Jim Prime

John Kesserich

Johnny Dai

Kal Kooner

Kelli Cera

Martin Sayle

Michel Grillot

Mike Honeyman

Mike Twitchell

Mo Pannun

Rachel Grillot

Ramiro Dominguez

Roger Grosset

Sam Raz

Scott Wilson

Shaun Ali

Thomas Davis

Trevor Massey


Anyone else wanting in please get it all figured out by Tuesday night at the latest. I don’t want to be trying to add you to the homegame minutes before the first event starts.




October 7, 2020 Answer to Questions I Receive

The following is to clarify questions I am receiving:

1.     There will be NO RAKE same as all Die Hard Poker League Seasons. All money taken in will be paid out.

2.     Start time each night will be 7pm and events will likely end no later than 10:30pm. I am going to put up some test events soon to work through the structure.

3.     We are accepting anyone that wants to join. You did not have to be a Die Hard Poker League member in the past. It is first come, first served. First players to send their $500 CAD to me gets in. We are capped at 100 so I think there should be no issue getting anyone in that wants in. So far I have 12 players. Any less than 20 and we would not run a season. I expect we will likely end up with 40-60 players.


October 5, 2020: ZOOM Meeting to Discuss Online League Wednesday 8pm

This Wednesday at 8pm I will have a zoom meeting for anyone that wants to discuss this proposal. I will walk through the way to sign-up and explain in detail how the league will be run. Below are all the details to get you started.

Other discussion points will include:

1.     Points

2.     Obtaining Play Chips

3.     Practice games before season starts

4.     Payout Chart for each event – this will be fixed by me.

5.     Payout Chart for league prizes – I will have 4-5 of which we can vote on.

6.     Setting up practice tourneys to help dial in the structure in the next 10 days.

7.     No rake

8.     Tourney start time 7pm and expected to go up to 3.5 hours

9.     Other…


Zoom Meeting:

Topic: Die Hard Poker Online

Time: Oct 7, 2020 08:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)


Join Zoom Meeting



Meeting ID: 821 2550 1231

Passcode: 671363


October 5, 2020 Die Hard Poker Moves Online to PokerStars

Since we are obviously not going to be having a live league this year I am going to start up an online version of our league on PokerStars. We will run 10 events


1.     Events Run weekly every Wednesday starting on Oct 21 with one Thursday on Dec 10th added to allow us to complete before Xmas.

2.     League members will e-transfer or otherwise pay Darren $500 CAD before playing first event. $250 is for league prizes and the other $250 is for paying $25 per event for 10 tourney entries. No rebuys. Each Event is played as a $25 buyin and paid out as a regular cash tournament. If you miss an event I would refund you $25 for that event.

3.     All money earned from individual events will be recorded on diehardpoker.com and then paid out at the end of the season. A tournament payout table will be created and posted on diehardpoker.com so everyone can know the payout structure.

4.     Actual tourney entry will be done with Play Money chips to reduce greatly the rake. Tournament entry will be 20,000 play chips so each player will need to obtain 200,000 play chips to cover their 10 entries. As of now you can purchase 500,000 play chips for $2.99, so that would be your rake for the season. You can also get 15,000 chips for free every 4 hours apparently by going to cashier, hitting play money and then collecting your free chips.

5.     Points are obtained in exactly the same format as Die Hard Poker regular league with the top X finishers receiving points. We will determine how many receive points once we find out how many league members we get. Likely we will keep it at 22 points spots.

6.     At end of 10 events the league monies are paid out to the top 15% of points earned. There is NO FINAL EVENT to determine winners.

7.     Non-league members will NOT be allowed to play any of these events to simplify points earned determination.

8.     No subs are allowed because it would break Pokerstars terms of service in that you would have to share your pokerstars login with someone else.

9.     A new Home Game group has been created and only players that have paid up their league fees will be allowed to join. Pay your $500 CAD to Darren (etransfer to darrenkennedydk@gmail.com) and I will send you the invite code. That way we prevent non-league members from joining tourneys.


September 26, 2020 All players have been Paid Except 2

I am still trying to get ahold of Clint Lomax and Frank Roblin. If anyone has contact info for these two, please have them contact me or send me their contact info. They have money coming back to them I would like to pay out.


Everyone else should now have been paid. If you did not receive money yet and have not been in contact with me, please reach out. It has taken a long time to get all the money back thanks to $2,500 daily limit on e-transfers, but the job is now complete. Thanks everyone and hopefully we can get a full season in next year. At this point I have no plans to run a tournament prior to 2021 and unlikely to start a league until Sept 2021.


August 31, 2020 League Cancelled. All Players Will Receive Cash-out Value of Their Chips

The final won’t happen. So many people want to cash-out there will be no money left to play for. Which I kind of expected. So all players will be given their cash-out value of their chips.


What I still need to know is how you would prefer to be paid. The money is currently in a bank account in USD. I can pay you in USD but that will mean we need to meet up. Or I can convert it thru VBCE and pay you equivalent in CAD via e-transfer. CAD is definitely easier for me, but USD is fine as well.


So please let me know via email if you want it in USD or CAD.


I want to start paying people in about one week and get all this money back into your hands.





August 24, 2020 Cashing out the value of your chips or Waiting to Reopen

We are clearly at a point now where it seems unlikely that we will be able to play a 100 person tournament anytime soon and also that there will be a WSOP live tournament that anyone is going to want to go and play in the near future.


As such I have been working on some alternative solutions. I have calculated the value of each players chips and presented a ‘cash out’ option on the standings page.


At this point I would like people to look at the value of their cash out option and let me know if you would like to just cash out your chips at this point in time.


Once I have determined who has chosen to cash out their chips and removed all of their chips and the cash from the prize-pool, we can look at who remains and what remains of the prize pool and potentially have a tournament that will be paid out strictly in cash to help us complete this season.


Here is how I came up with the cash out value of your chips:


I looked at ICM and chip-chop. ICM (Independent Chip Model) is the universally accepted calculation for determining the real value of chips in a tournament at any given point of time, given a prize structure and number of players to payout remaining players in a tournament that gets paused/cancelled or a deal is made. This happens often in both live and online tourneys. I also looked at the fact that the 10th tourney was never played. I took into account that everyone starts with 1,000 chips.


1.     Un-played 10th Tourney: this part was easy. We all paid $50 USD per tourney towards the prize-pool. The 10th tourney wasn’t played so I simply refunded $50 to every player.

2.     Chip-chop: I looked at chip-chop vs ICM. The numbers for larger number of players (we have 100, but even with 30+ it remains true) results in Chip-chop and ICM being closer. Therefore, I went with the simpler formula of chip-chop. If we take the amount of money available and simply divide it by the total chips in play the result is every 1,000 chips is worth $70.



We do hope to play out a tourney eventually and it could be as soon as September 12th. That being said I do realize some people may not be comfortable playing live poker yet. I also cannot be sure when the next live WSOP will run. Even if it does run next summer in Vegas some of you may not be comfortable going down to play in it. There is also the possibility that we may just not be able to run any tournaments anytime soon.


What I need from each and every player is the answer to this question:


Please go to the standings page and view your cash out value of your chips.


Do you want the cash equivalent of your chips? Or wish to wait to play out a tourney?


Please email darrenkennedydk@gmail.com with “CASHOUT” or “PLAY”





League Final – September 12 – SAVE THE DATE

It has been a long time and we need to address the league. At this point my plan is to have the League Final on Saturday, September 12th at noon.


There is a lot that may need to happen to do this. The facility will likely only allow 50 people in there at a time so we are going to likely either have two separate flights played 50 down to 20 and recombine the final 40 to play down to our winners or possibly they will provide us with two rooms and we can do it all in one day.


I’m not going to get into the rest of it, but expect to have mandatory face masks for this event. The most important thing at this point is to block the date off in your calendar SEPTEMBER 12th which is the day we usually start the season. We will run the Final on this day. Please contact me with any concerns on scheduling. We also have two Americans in our league so we need to watch the border situation and hope it opens up if we are to accommodate them. If it does not open by then we will make arrangements with those 2 in some way.


Secondly there is a chance, a decent chance, that we may still not be able to get this tourney done even in September at Coyote Creek. If this occurs, I will attempt to run the Final in 2-4 smaller heats to get down to a winner over several days. I will be as creative as I need to be to try and get us our winners. Think options like 24 players to 10 in 4 separate heats and then 20 players to 10 in two more separate heats and then 20 players to the winners in the final. If it comes to this I will try and balance the days out chipstack wise.


At this point I will state that if we cannot run the tourneys down to a champion in some way, shape or form by end of September I will work with a select group of players to determine the fairest value of everyone’s current points and pay people out the money. I really, REALLY, do not want to do this, but I’m also not going to extend the season to 2021. I am at this point implementing a hard date of September 30, 2020 to complete the season or payout monies.


Event #10 – POSSIBLY AUGUST 28th

I expect to also try and hold Event #10 potentially on Friday, August 28th. If this happens it will include no re-buys and only league players allowed to help speed up the game and minimize unnecessary contact.


In short I really hope we can get back to some live poker sometime soon.


Take care and as always send your questions my way to Darren at darrenkennedydk@gmail.com



HORSE League (text from Jason Nadeau)

Hey HORSE Fanatics!

Up till now, I wanted to wait on seeing if we can get a Diehard Event #10 played or not before making a decision on Season 2 of HORSE. But we need to come up with a reasonable Post Quarantine plan now.

Running a 10-17 person event is entirely possible compared to 90+ people in the Main League. We could easily limit tables to 4-5 handed (with masks) without changing our normal game play and action. I want to hear the thoughts and ideas from the rest of the HORSE Season 2 League Members so please email me on which option you would prefer? This wont be a final vote, but an opportunity to share your point of view.

We will have a few options.


1) Complete Season 2 Now! We can play out the last 3 events (Or Less) AND Finals between presumed Covid waves in July-October. There are a lot of options here for how we proceed. If we go this route, we can decide on a final event format, how many events to play and how to spend the money in the end if WSOP isn’t a realistic option. A straight Cash Prize Tournament for the Final is always on the table.

If we shorten the season, we can prorate points/chips to reflect the reduction in events so that everyone benefits and doesn’t lose out on extra chips. Basically, we would add an extra 1000-2000 Chips to everyone’s Final Table stacks per event cancelled.


2) Merge Season 2 with Season 3. Roll this season’s first two events Results & Money into Season 3 – We can extend Season 3 into a 7 tournie series or come up with other options. This is fair to everyone who played so far. We would have to work out something for new members to even out chip disparities. Of course, we dont know if or when a Season 3 might begin.


3) We can just do a full refund. Season Over – No Winners, just losers.

At this stage, I just want to hear your preferred options and opinions? I’ll give everyone 1 week to get back to me and then formulate the next step in our Season 2 plans.

Please email me directly at: janadeau13@yahoo.com


Talk to you soon,



June 27, 2020 GG Poker Hosting WSOP Online

GG Poker is hosting the WSOP Online giving us all a chance to win a bracelet from home. My friend Mike Leah is one of the GG Ambassadors. Talk to me if you want to create an account. If you create it through me you will get excellent financial incentives, and a much simplified deposit and withdrawal method. Also being connected directly with a host on the site can make things a lot simpler.



A couple things. Obviously, the Die Hard Poker League Final scheduled for this Saturday April 4th will not happen as planned.


At this point we are on a wait and see approach. We are going to react month by month until we see what happens with the pandemic. 


My personal expectations include the following:


1. The World Series of Poker is unlikely to happen in 2020. 

2. We will likely not be able to get together to play poker until August at the earliest and more likely September. 


If those two things happen my tentative plan at this point is to hold Event #10 in September and then the league final a few weeks later.


All non Main Event winners would be able to use their prizes towards any poker tournaments such as those in Calgary, Montreal, Edmonton, LA or other Vegas tourneys or the tentatively scheduled poker series to happen in late fall at Parq casino in Vancouver.


The WSOP Main Event winners would use their prizes in the 2021 WSOP Main Event.


All of this is just speculation at this point. This whole situation is horrible and hopefully we come out of this sooner than later. But I think it’s fair to say we all expect the pandemic to last a lot longer still. So for now I would assume we try to get back to playing poker in September.


If anyone has any more questions please reach out and ask me either via email or phone.


For those interested we are running nightly $2-$11 buyin poker tourneys online at pokerstars. We have 53 people already a part of the group. It’s not live poker, but at least we have a little fun together.


Take care and stay safe and healthy,





PS. I have lost control of the email list meaning I can no longer add or remove people from the list though I can still email to it. I will find a replacement soon, but for now please join the Facebook group "Die Hard Poker League" if you can and we can communicate and discuss ideas on how to finish the season there.


PPS: for those wanting off this list please be patient. I will be ending the use of this poker email list in the next 30 days.




With all of the news coming out in the last 24 hours on the corona virus including US travel restrictions for Canadians, all major league sports shutting down and even my sons Peewee Hockey tournament in Parksville being cancelled, I think the only prudent move for the Die Hard Poker League is to postpone tomorrows event.


The event will NOT occur tomorrow. We will wait a week or two and see if we can get Event 10 in prior to the League Final on April 4. If we cannot get Event #10 in, but it still looks like the League Final will go then we will give everyone 1,000 points for Event #10 and play the Final.


Realistically though, I think there is a VERY good chance the league final may need to be postponed as well. Roger and I will get together to work out some possible solutions if that happens. There is a lot to take into consideration if this happens and it will likely result in some people being unhappy, but I believe we will be able to figure out a fair solution.


This is very unfortunate but I believe it is the only real solution. If anyone wants to discuss this more please feel free to email me or phone me at 778-870-6319.




Everyone stay safe and wash your hands.


Darren & Roger

Die Hard Poker League



March 7, 2020 HORSE League

Just a reminder that we are also running a HORSE league. You don’t need to be in the league to play the $50 buyin tourneys. Full details are here: HORSE


February 24, 2020: League WSOP Prizes – 3 Main Event Seats Up For Grabs this year

Most of the league money is now in so I can set the prize payouts. With an estimated extra $6000 in prizepool we will payout a total of 3 Main Event Packages along with 10 more seats.

1st – 3rd : $10,000 Main Event Seat + $500 USD

4th : $2,500 WSOP Buy-ins + $500 USD

5th : $2,000 WSOP Buy-ins + $500 USD

6th : $1,500 WSOP Buy-ins + $500 USD

7th-11th : $1,000 WSOP Buy-ins + $500 USD

12th – 13th : $1,000 WSOP Buy-ins


We have so far given out a total of 193 WSOP prizes including 13 Main Event seats.


February 17, 2020: Chris Watts (don’t call me Watson) Wins Event #9

Congratulations to Chris Watts for the win on Saturday, outlasting Jason Wells to secure the title. Afield of 96 players took to the felt on Saturday and the results were interesting. With Dave Collier bowing out early, Mike Mittermuller had the chance to put some distance between him and Dave for the points lead and he delivered. Mike finished in 12th place and secured 4,000 points. With that finish and the way the rest of the tourney played out, the guaranteed seat is now between just Mike and Dave. Dave is 5500 points behind so will need a top 3 league finish at a minimum to pass Mike.


Another interesting side note saw Johnny Dai fold the turn with just one single 100 chip behind vs two all in players and 48 players remaining. Johnny would spin that chip up from 100 to 6,000 in just two hands and then hang around long enough to squeeze into the points for 500. He outlasted 18 players after being crippled eventually going out in 30th. Crazy.  


February 15, 2020: Full update of website prior to Event #9

I finally updated everything on the website. This includes: standings pages, payments made, All time stats page, Die Hard Poker Index, and Die Hard Fantasy. Also sent the last two events results into HendonMob so those should be updated by Eric Danis in the next 24 hours. Go and check the website out and make sure your points are accurate.


Congrats to Brant Taylor for winning last event. That resulted in several significant results. He became the first player to win 6 Die Hard Events lifetime, the result pushed him back into first place on the Die Hard Poker Index and most importantly the 10,000 points moved him into good shape for the league final.


Also please note that whoever ends up as league leader in points after Event #10 is guaranteed at least a $1000 seat at the WSOP. That race looks to be a 2 horse race between Mike Mittermuller and Dave Collier. Mikes 4,500 points in Event #8 was enough to pass Dave and he now holds a slim 1,500 point cushion. There are other players that can catch these guys but they are going to need at least a top 4 finish to do so. Two events can change a lot though.


January 28, 2020: Standings Page Updated – More to Come

Got the standings updated form Events #7 and 8. Will do Fantasy, League Fees Paid, All Time Stats and DHPI, etc while on my flight to Amsterdam on Thursday. Please check your points to make sure they are accurate.


November 24, 2019: Alex Young Wins Event #6 and Dave Collier takes over DHPI lead with Second Place Showing

Event #6 came down to Dave Collier looking for his 5th ever DHPL tourney win but was ultimately denied by Alex Young who notched his first ever win. Another great night of poker with 106 entries. And now we have 8 weeks between events.


November 10, 2019: Johnny Dai Wins Event #5, Kent Senko Chops Money with him

In an Event with 112 entries and 44 people entering the last longer to make a pot of $4400, Johnny Dai not only won $2220 in the tourney, he also took a nearly identical $2200 in last longer winnings. Gavin Curley, Sam Raz and Nick Simon also got a chunk of the last longer. Sam Raz finished 3rd and jumps into first place for league points. Another event in less than a week so we get to give it another go shortly.


October 30, 2019: Congrats to Pat Woelk (on rebuy) for his 5th Die Hard Tourney Win at Event #4 and Sam Raz for the 10,000 Points and League Win

Pat Woelk … on a rebuy .. tied the record with his 5th DHPL tourney win. 4 players have now accomplished that feat. Along with Pat, Brant reached it in Event #1 this year and Dave Sims and Paul Deol have also 5 victories each.


October 6, 2019: Event #3 goes to Dave Collier who outlasts Kal Kooner for the win

And in the vein of repeat winners Dave Collier notches career die hard win #4 in only his 3rd season of play and only his 23rd tournament played, which is a very remarkable feat.


September 21, 2019: Mike Mittermuller wins Event #2 and takes the points beating Tony Washburn (on rebuy)

Event #2 and it was another great night of poker. One minor tweak to the structure resulted in the tourney finishing exactly as planned. Several big TDA decisions by the floor needed to be made but overall things went smoothly.


September 8, 2019: Brant Taylor takes Event #1 but alas was on rebuy awarding second place finisher Paul Deol the 10,000 points

100 entries for the kickoff to Season 15. Great turnout and some fun poker resulted in the usual suckouts, bad play, great play and fun. The new Big Blind ante format went well with the tourney finishing up only 20-30 minutes after the plan. Brant tied the record with his 5th DHPL win. Thanks for coming out and congrats to all those that cashed and pointed in this event.


September 3rd, 2019: DHPL Fantasy

Please note that we will be doing the DHPL Fantasy again this year. The sheet is posted. We will print out a bunch and bring them on Friday as well. $50 Entry. Pick the bet player in each box.


September 3rd, 2019: Let the Games Begin!

Saturday at 5pm cards are in the air. Please make sure to show up early so we can handle all the buy ins. We should be ready to start accepting buy ins by 4pm.


For this event you need:

New to league: $500 USD (or $700 CAD) for league fees PLUS $100 CAD for the cash buy in.

Returning League Member: $150 USD (or $210 CAD) for league fees PLUS $100 CAD for the cash buy in. If you can handle the money, please pay for the entire league fees as that will make my life much easier at future events.


Big Blind Ante

Please note that we will be running the tourney with a big blind ante this year. Essentially the player in the big blind will pay the BB plus the same amount in dead money into the middle.


Start Times

Saturday start times will be 5pm and Friday start times will be 6:30pm. Please note these time changes. They are being made to help allow us to get as much play as possible in the tourney’s.


Maxed Out

We are absolutely maxed out for this year with 100 members. As such, for Event #1 there will be NO DROPINS allowed. Once we have things sorted out we should be able to start allowing dropins at Event #2 but they will likely be extremely limited this year.

Please also note that we can only setup 11 tables (99 players), so if you show up late you may be waiting for someone to bustout before you have your seat.


Show Up or Lose Your Spot

For event #1 we currently have 13 people on the waitlist. I am inviting them all to come out to play, effectively they are Event #1’s dropins. There is a high likelihood that some of you will noshow to the first event and not tell me about it. Note that if you do not show for Event #1 and I have not heard from you, you WILL LOSE YOUR SPOT IN THE LEAGUE and I will give it to the first person on the waitlist that shows up on Saturday. So far I know of these 5 not coming for event one and their spots are safe: Mike Honeyman, Dan Cassidy, Dennis Neels, Craig Roberts, Mike Taylor.


The waitlist order is on the website at Membership List.


Most everything will likely remain the same


August 8th, 2019: All Dates are now Confirmed

We have had to adjust two dates due to the Arizona Room not being available. The new dates are right above here and are 100% locked in.


July 30, 2019: 15th DHPL Season Set to Begin on September 7th!

Welcome back to our 15th season of the Die Hard Poker League. Crazy when I see it in print that what started 15 years ago as me and 22 ball and work buddies playing poker together has morphed into a league where we give away over $150,000 CAD in combined prizes last year! Its insane to think about.


Looking forward to another season. We have a couple small changes this year and some housekeeping to take care of.


1. First off we are once again going to cap it at 100 players. Simply not enough space for more players than that. Buy-ins will remain the same at $100 per event and league fees of $500 USD will also remain the same.


2. Existing league members: I need to hear from you via email that you are coming back. Please respond to this email and confirm for me that you will be returning. IF I DON'T HEAR FROM YOU YOUR SPOT WILL BE GIVEN AWAY! An * on the http://www.diehardpoker.ca/MembershipList.htm page indicates I have heard from you. There are a lot of you I am already sure about, but please check the list and if you don't have a '*' send me an email.


3. New league members: you must wait until Aug 7 to know for sure whether you have a spot. I expect everyone will get a spot but I need to wait until then to be sure. If your name is on this list: http://www.diehardpoker.ca/MembershipList.htm then I know you are interested in joining. If it is not on that list then you need to email me before Aug 7 and let me know. All players emailing me by Aug 7 will be treated equally and a draw (if necessary) will be done to determine which new players get to join to fill us up to 100 players.

Please note that for new players, you will need to etransfer me $100 CAD to hold your spot. That $100 will be used for your buyin into the first event. I am sorry to require this but we always have 20-30% of new players that say they are coming dropout and it results in me having to tell people no that wanted to join the league. This keeps it serious.


4. BB Antes. We tried out the BB Ante at the summer $200 event. It was successful though I slowed the blinds down a bit more than I should have. I have made adjustments and we should be good to go for the first event.


5. Events will be 5 Saturdays (5pm start) and 5 Fridays (6:30pm start) this year. This has been an ongoing request I have received by multiple people every year and this year I have decided its time to try it. The final will once again be on a Saturday with a noon start.



#1: Saturday Sept 7

#2: Friday Sept 20

#3: Saturday Oct 5

#4: Friday Nov 8

#5: Saturday Nov 23

#6: Friday Dec 13

#7: Saturday Jan 11

#8: Friday Jan 24

#9: Saturday Feb 15

#10: Friday Mar 13

FINAL: Saturday Apr 4 (NOON START)


6. Fridays will start a half hour earlier than in the past. We will start at 6:30pm. This is primarily due to push back from the facility as they want us to get out earlier than in the past. I know its tough for those coming from far away or who work later but it is a must.


7. Finally new rule changes. If you have a rule complaint or anything to do with the league and the way we run it including tournament play, prizes, or just about anything this is the one time of the year I will listen to rule change requests. Please send them in to me and I will accumulate and address them. 


Thanks Everyone and look forward to seeing you all in September. I will be back full time this year as my Netherlands time ends as of Aug 26 so looking forward to cashing a few of these tournies this year.


Please email me and not text or phone as I am in Europe for the next 4 weeks.


July 12, 2019: $200 Buyin Summer Special Tourney on for July 19

Hey guys we are putting on a $200 buyin tourney for next Friday. Let your friends know.

Time for probably our only summer event as I will not be around until end of August after this one. Setting up a $200 buyin tourney for one week from today. I know that it is not that much notice, but it is what I can work with. I need to hear from you if you are planning to come. Please show up by 6:30pm to buy in to the tourney. Tourney will be same structure as our regular tourneys except we are upping the start stack to 15,000 for this event.

It will be a great chance to talk about possible rule changes for next season and discuss everything that happened in this summers’ WSOP etc. I do owe another full update on what our winners have been doing, but spoiler alert, no cashes from our winners and just one person left to play. 

I will be putting potential league dates for the new year together in the next few days and posting it up on the site

Are you new to the league? This is also a great chance for those that are new to the league to come out and play with us to get a feel for what the league will offer.

Who's coming? Send me an email and let me know!


June 25, 2019: Bobbi Frost and Johnny Dai Cash Tourney and More Updates From WSOP

Bobbi Frost played and cashed in the Monster Stack to make it back-to-back years cashing in this event. Bobbi was playing on our own and ashed in 793rd place for $2,369.00 She went out on a flip in her last hand holding AJ to 66.


Johnny Dai just finished playing a $600 Venetian tourney and went out in 87th place of 1,987 players to cash for $1,900. Great job Johnny.


Andrew Krywaniuk also played the Monster Stack as a league winner and made it late in the night on Day 1 but went out in Level 10 when he picked up TT and ran into AA in a cooler.


Garry and Mark Juvelin also both played the Mosnter Stack and had no success.


Brent Miscisco played a $2,500 NLH tourney as a league winner on June 20 and had his KK crushed by A4 on a Q44 board. And yes the river added insult with an Ace hitting it.


Tosca Leuks played the ladies event and made it into Day 2 being the first player from the league to actually bag at the end of the day. Unfortunately, she was short and although she doubled that stack 3 times on day 2 she eventually picked up AK and ran into KK and did not advance into the money.


Michelle Owen and Jason Nadeau both played in HORSE events at the Orleans on June 17, but neither were able to find a cash.


Dan Cassidy is currently playing the $600 bracelet event. Good luck to you Dan.


I receive messages from you guys on multiple different platforms (2 diff phones, twitter, email, FB) so if I missed anyone I am sorry. I love hearing the updates so keep them coming. Let’s hear some more success stories!!!


Coming up we have Bruce, Dan and Alyssa all slated to play the Mini Main on July 1 followed by our two big winners Mike Twitchell and Dave Collier set to play the $10K WSOP Main Event on July 5th. Next is Dan Molatore playing Event #79 a $3,000 NLH and finally Mo Pannun will play a $1,500 NLH on July 11.


As for me I am over here in the Netherlands and just played a €700 Main Event in the Breda Poker Series where I cashed 26th place of 202 players for €1,369. A solid warmup for the WSOP.


June 17, 2019: Brant Taylor Cashes and More Updates From WSOP

Brant Taylor playing on his own dime cashed the $1000 Double Stack falling in 700th place out of 6214 players to cash for $1,690. Nice work Brant


Mark McInney took his last buyin in the Millionaire Maker and did not succeed in cashing.


Roger Grosset took his luck to the Millionaire Maker. He worked hard building a stack and then got it all in on the QJ45ddxx board vs a flush draw for a big pot… you know the rest. He did manage to bink the daily $100 buyin tourney at the Rio poker room though so he didn’t go home empty handed.


Pat Woelk played the Seniors Event and had an absolute cooler flopping top set with QQ on a Q98 board and running into a guy holding the stone cold nuts withs JT. The board did not pair and Pat rebought. His second buy also went poorly and Pat was out the door.


Coming up we have Tosca Lueks playing the Ladies event on Thursday, June 20th and Brent Miscisco playing a $2500 NLH on the same day.


June 4, 2019: Mark Scott and Jamil Jutha Cash Event #9

Congrats to Die Hard regulars Mark Scott (471st for $1,388) and Jamil Jutha (213th for $2,257) who both cashed in the $600 NLH Event #9 today. Both were league members last year. This was Marks 4th career WSOP cash and Jamil’s first ever WSOP cash. Congrats guys!


June 4, 2019: No Early Success for DHPL Winners at WSOP

So far we have had Mark McKinney enter Events #9 ($600 NLH), #12 ($1,000 NLH Turbo Bounty) and Steve McLarty also enter Event #12. Both players have failed to make the money, Mark had a crushing blow to bust #9 yesterday when his AA got all in on a flop of 99T vs QQ only to see the Q spike the turn in brutal fashion. Steve busted out today when he pushed with AK vs QQ. He hit the King on the flop but lost when the board ran out a 4 flush for his opponent.


May 26, 2019: WSOP Die Hard Players Update

The WSOP starts on Wednesday and most of our winners have sent me updates as to when they will be playing. If you are going down to playing an Event let me know and I will post it here so we can keep track of everyone.

Die Hard Main Leagues Winners:

·       Mark McInney $3,000 WSOP + $500 cash Event #9 June 3, $600 NLH, Event #12, June 4, $1,000 Super Turbo Bounty, Event #19 June 10, $1,500 Millionaire Maker (May 30-June 13) -busted Event 9, 12, 19

·       Steve McLarty $1,000 WSOP + $500 cash Event #12 June 4, $1,000 NLH -busto

·       Roger Grosset $1,000 WSOP + $500 cash Event #19 June 8, $1,500 Millionaire Maker -busto

·       Pat Woelk $1,500 WSOP + $500 cash Event #32 June 13, Seniors NLH + $500 for second Seniors bullet -busto

·       Tosca Lueks Wild Card#1 $1,000 WSOP + $500 cash Event #47 June 20, $1,000 Ladies NLH -busto Day 2

·       Brent Miscisco $2,500 WSOP + $500 cash Event #48 June 20, $2500 NLH -busto

·       Andrew Krywaniuk $1,500 WSOP + $500 cash Event #50 June 21, $1,500 Monster Stack NLH -busto

·       Bruce Lawson $1,000 WSOP + $500 cash Event #69 July 1, $1,000 Mini Main Event NLH

·       Dan Cassidy Wild Card#2 $1,000 WSOP + $500 cash Event #69 July 1, $1,000 Mini Main Event NLH (June 23-July 7)

·       Alyssa Webber $1,000 WSOP + $500 cash Event #69 July 1, $1,000 Mini Main Event NLH (June 23-July 7)

·       Mike Twitchell $10,000 WSOP ME Seat + $800 cash Event #73C July 5-16, Event#14, June 5-8 (July 4-???)

·       Dave Collier $10,000 WSOP ME Seat + $800 cash Event #73C July 5-16 (July 5-11)

·       Dan Molatore $2,000 WSOP + $500 cash Event #79 July 9 – $3,000 NLH

·       Mo Pannun $1,500 WSOP + $500 cash Event #82 July 11, $1500 DoubleStack NLH (July10-16)



Horse Winners

·       Mike Twitchell $1,500 HORSE Seat Event #73C July 5-16, Event#14, June 5-8 -busto

·       Michelle Owen $1,500 HORSE Seat Event #?? June ??

·       Jason Nadeau $500 HORSE Seat Event #?? June ?? – undecided -busto


Non-Winners also heading to WSOP:

·       Darren Kennedy – July 4-15



April 6, 2019: Dave Collier and Mike Twitchell to Play WSOP Main Event

The 14th Season of the Die Hard Poker League ended last night with  $45,600 USD worth of prizes awarded including 2 $10K World Series of Poker Main Event Seats and 12 other WSOP buyins. Congrats to everyone that one a seat but especially to Dave Collier and Mike Twitchell who won the big prizes. Mike Twitchell unbelievably finished first in both the Main League and the HORSE League.

Mike Twitchell $10,800
Dave Collier $10,800
Mark McKinney $3,500
Brent Miscisco $3,000
Dan Molatore $2,500
Mo Pannun $2,000
Andrew Krywaniuk $2,000
Pat Woelk $2,000
Steve McLarty $1,500
Bruce Lawson $1,500
Alyssa Jane Webber $1,500
Roger Grosset $1,500
Tosca Lueks $1,500
Dan Cassidy $1,500


I forgot to take the photo while Dan Cassidy and Tosca Lueks were still there, but the rest of the winners are in the photo.


Interesting stats from the event include 10 of the top 22 starting stacks got seats. The other 4 started with 7,500 (Steve M), 5,800 (Tosca), 4,500 (Mo) and 3,500 (Brent M) chips respectively.


As can be expected there was some drame, some suckouts, some fist pumping moments and some absolutely crushing blows. One of the most significant ones came with 14 players remaining and Shawn Lange calling all in with a heatlhy stack and KK vs Mark McInney’s AJ. Due to the Wild Card seats, all players except Shawn L, Pat and Dave C were already guaranteed seats. Shawn needed top 12 to make it. As luck would have it the board ran out safe until a crushing Ace on the river all but ended his chances leaving him with about 3000 chips. He would double once more from there but ultimately fall short. This gave Dan Cassidy who had busted in 15th a Wild Card seat. First time we ever had someone bust and think they came short only to watch someone else’s misfortune give him a package.


Nothing made me more sick then when Brad McKibbon was all in vs 2 players with 77 and the turn was brought early before the other two players had completed action. That turn would as usual need to go back and reshuffled. That turn, a 7, would have given Brad a set of 77’s to beat the other players TT. It resulted in Brad’s elimination and is as I said the most absolutely sickening way to bust a tournament.


There was another hand where set over set fell to a rivered straight. There were Aces being cracked by AK all in preflop. There were Aces being cracked by baby pairs preflop.


Dave Collier won a massive 44 vs AT flip versus Brent who was then knocked out shortly after. Dave Collier, Mark McInney and Mike Twitchell played 3 handed for about 90 minutes. They traded the chiplead numerous times, but in the end Dave went on a heater and with Dave and Mike beign fairly even, Dave once again took 44 vs Mark’s AT and held to give us our winners.

Good luck in Vegas everyone. Thanks for making our Die Hard Poker League continue to thrive!!


March 30, 2019: HORSE Final Won by Mike Twitchell, Michelle Owen and Jason Nadeau

Huge congrats for a successful first iteration of the Die Hard Horse League. It was a fun league that helped us play some different games for a change. The winners for this first year were Mike Twitchell ($1500 seat), Michelle Owen ($1500 seat) and Jason Nadeau ($500 seat). The chip lead changed a tonne with Jason Nadeau and Brent Senko dominating the tournament early but with levels going up both Brent and Jason would run cold and fall early at the final table. Deepak Bhasin took over a massive chiplead with 5 remaining but he too could not last. Mike Twitchell built up chips and while Michelle Owen had a stack most of the night it came down to one monster hand 3 handed which left both her and Kent Senko basically all in on Stud with Kent having a board of TJ/AQAJ/7 and Michelle holding xx/689 with flush and straight draws as Mike Twitchell happily watched. Michelle would come out on top completing one of her draws and Kent would be the bubble boy (Jason had won the league points leader guaranteed seat). Congrats everyone and good luck in Vegas.


Mike Twitchell $1,500
Michelle Harker Owen $1,500
Jason Nadeau $500









You are invited to join my private poker club for Home Games online


If you don't already have it, download the free PokerStars software from www.pokerstars.com


Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab

Click the 'Join a Poker Club' button

Enter my Club ID number: 3207743

Enter my Invitation Code: dhpl2020

That's it! Once I've approved your membership request, we'll be ready to start playing Home Games online together




After you have done that, please email darrenkennedydk@gmail.com with your pokerstars ID and I will accept your membership.


NOTE: I will only be accepting those that are current or former league members at this time. I will let you know if that changes.



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