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Updated: November 24, 2019



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Season 15 - 2019/20

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Next Event: $100 Event #6

Date Time: 5:00pm Saturday, January 11, 2019 (Fridays at 6:30pm and Saturdays are 5:00pm)

Location: Arizona Room, Eaglequest Coyote Creek Golf Club, 7778 152nd Street Surrey, BC

Darren: darrenkennedydk@gmail.com


Tourney Dates

  1. xSaturday, September 7
  2. xFriday, September 20
  3. xSaturday, October 5
  4. xFriday, October 25
  5. xFriday, November 8
  1. xSaturday, November 16
  2. Saturday, January 11
  3. Friday, January 24
  4. Saturday, February 15
  5. Friday, March 13

LEAGUE FINAL Saturday, April 4, NOON

2020 WSOP $10,000 Main Event and

2020 WSOP NLH $1000 or $1500 Event Rio in Las Vegas

League members require $50USD or $70 CAD for league fees and $100 for the cash portion, and non-league members need to bring $100. There will also be a $100 last-longer for anyone that’s interested and up to one re-entry for $100. There are no add-ons.


November 24, 2019: Alex Young Wins Event #6 and Dave Collier takes over DHPI lead with Second Place Showing

Event #6 came down to Dave Collier looking for his 5th ever DHPL tourney win but was ultimately denied by Alex Young who notched his first ever win. Another great night of poker with 106 entries. And now we have 8 weeks between events.


November 10, 2019: Johnny Dai Wins Event #5, Kent Senko Chops Money with him

In an Event with 112 entries and 44 people entering the last longer to make a pot of $4400, Johnny Dai not only won $2220 in the tourney, he also took a nearly identical $2200 in last longer winnings. Gavin Curley, Sam Raz and Nick Simon also got a chunk of the last longer. Sam Raz finished 3rd and jumps into first place for league points. Another event in less than a week so we get to give it another go shortly.


October 30, 2019: Congrats to Pat Woelk (on rebuy) for his 5th Die Hard Tourney Win at Event #4 and Sam Raz for the 10,000 Points and League Win

Pat Woelk … on a rebuy .. tied the record with his 5th DHPL tourney win. 4 players have now accomplished that feat. Along with Pat, Brant reached it in Event #1 this year and Dave Sims and Paul Deol have also 5 victories each.


October 6, 2019: Event #3 goes to Dave Collier who outlasts Kal Kooner for the win

And in the vein of repeat winners Dave Collier notches career die hard win #4 in only his 3rd season of play and only his 23rd tournament played, which is a very remarkable feat.


September 21, 2019: Mike Mittermuller wins Event #2 and takes the points beating Tony Washburn (on rebuy)

Event #2 and it was another great night of poker. One minor tweak to the structure resulted in the tourney finishing exactly as planned. Several big TDA decisions by the floor needed to be made but overall things went smoothly.


September 8, 2019: Brant Taylor takes Event #1 but alas was on rebuy awarding second place finisher Paul Deol the 10,000 points

100 entries for the kickoff to Season 15. Great turnout and some fun poker resulted in the usual suckouts, bad play, great play and fun. The new Big Blind ante format went well with the tourney finishing up only 20-30 minutes after the plan. Brant tied the record with his 5th DHPL win. Thanks for coming out and congrats to all those that cashed and pointed in this event.


September 3rd, 2019: DHPL Fantasy

Please note that we will be doing the DHPL Fantasy again this year. The sheet is posted. We will print out a bunch and bring them on Friday as well. $50 Entry. Pick the bet player in each box.


September 3rd, 2019: Let the Games Begin!

Saturday at 5pm cards are in the air. Please make sure to show up early so we can handle all the buy ins. We should be ready to start accepting buy ins by 4pm.


For this event you need:

New to league: $500 USD (or $700 CAD) for league fees PLUS $100 CAD for the cash buy in.

Returning League Member: $150 USD (or $210 CAD) for league fees PLUS $100 CAD for the cash buy in. If you can handle the money, please pay for the entire league fees as that will make my life much easier at future events.


Big Blind Ante

Please note that we will be running the tourney with a big blind ante this year. Essentially the player in the big blind will pay the BB plus the same amount in dead money into the middle.


Start Times

Saturday start times will be 5pm and Friday start times will be 6:30pm. Please note these time changes. They are being made to help allow us to get as much play as possible in the tourney’s.


Maxed Out

We are absolutely maxed out for this year with 100 members. As such, for Event #1 there will be NO DROPINS allowed. Once we have things sorted out we should be able to start allowing dropins at Event #2 but they will likely be extremely limited this year.

Please also note that we can only setup 11 tables (99 players), so if you show up late you may be waiting for someone to bustout before you have your seat.


Show Up or Lose Your Spot

For event #1 we currently have 13 people on the waitlist. I am inviting them all to come out to play, effectively they are Event #1’s dropins. There is a high likelihood that some of you will noshow to the first event and not tell me about it. Note that if you do not show for Event #1 and I have not heard from you, you WILL LOSE YOUR SPOT IN THE LEAGUE and I will give it to the first person on the waitlist that shows up on Saturday. So far I know of these 5 not coming for event one and their spots are safe: Mike Honeyman, Dan Cassidy, Dennis Neels, Craig Roberts, Mike Taylor.


The waitlist order is on the website at Membership List.


Most everything will likely remain the same


August 8th, 2019: All Dates are now Confirmed

We have had to adjust two dates due to the Arizona Room not being available. The new dates are right above here and are 100% locked in.


July 30, 2019: 15th DHPL Season Set to Begin on September 7th!

Welcome back to our 15th season of the Die Hard Poker League. Crazy when I see it in print that what started 15 years ago as me and 22 ball and work buddies playing poker together has morphed into a league where we give away over $150,000 CAD in combined prizes last year! Its insane to think about.


Looking forward to another season. We have a couple small changes this year and some housekeeping to take care of.


1. First off we are once again going to cap it at 100 players. Simply not enough space for more players than that. Buy-ins will remain the same at $100 per event and league fees of $500 USD will also remain the same.


2. Existing league members: I need to hear from you via email that you are coming back. Please respond to this email and confirm for me that you will be returning. IF I DON'T HEAR FROM YOU YOUR SPOT WILL BE GIVEN AWAY! An * on the http://www.diehardpoker.ca/MembershipList.htm page indicates I have heard from you. There are a lot of you I am already sure about, but please check the list and if you don't have a '*' send me an email.


3. New league members: you must wait until Aug 7 to know for sure whether you have a spot. I expect everyone will get a spot but I need to wait until then to be sure. If your name is on this list: http://www.diehardpoker.ca/MembershipList.htm then I know you are interested in joining. If it is not on that list then you need to email me before Aug 7 and let me know. All players emailing me by Aug 7 will be treated equally and a draw (if necessary) will be done to determine which new players get to join to fill us up to 100 players.

Please note that for new players, you will need to etransfer me $100 CAD to hold your spot. That $100 will be used for your buyin into the first event. I am sorry to require this but we always have 20-30% of new players that say they are coming dropout and it results in me having to tell people no that wanted to join the league. This keeps it serious.


4. BB Antes. We tried out the BB Ante at the summer $200 event. It was successful though I slowed the blinds down a bit more than I should have. I have made adjustments and we should be good to go for the first event.


5. Events will be 5 Saturdays (5pm start) and 5 Fridays (6:30pm start) this year. This has been an ongoing request I have received by multiple people every year and this year I have decided its time to try it. The final will once again be on a Saturday with a noon start.



#1: Saturday Sept 7

#2: Friday Sept 20

#3: Saturday Oct 5

#4: Friday Nov 8

#5: Saturday Nov 23

#6: Friday Dec 13

#7: Saturday Jan 11

#8: Friday Jan 24

#9: Saturday Feb 15

#10: Friday Mar 13

FINAL: Saturday Apr 4 (NOON START)


6. Fridays will start a half hour earlier than in the past. We will start at 6:30pm. This is primarily due to push back from the facility as they want us to get out earlier than in the past. I know its tough for those coming from far away or who work later but it is a must.


7. Finally new rule changes. If you have a rule complaint or anything to do with the league and the way we run it including tournament play, prizes, or just about anything this is the one time of the year I will listen to rule change requests. Please send them in to me and I will accumulate and address them. 


Thanks Everyone and look forward to seeing you all in September. I will be back full time this year as my Netherlands time ends as of Aug 26 so looking forward to cashing a few of these tournies this year.


Please email me and not text or phone as I am in Europe for the next 4 weeks.


July 12, 2019: $200 Buyin Summer Special Tourney on for July 19

Hey guys we are putting on a $200 buyin tourney for next Friday. Let your friends know.

Time for probably our only summer event as I will not be around until end of August after this one. Setting up a $200 buyin tourney for one week from today. I know that it is not that much notice, but it is what I can work with. I need to hear from you if you are planning to come. Please show up by 6:30pm to buy in to the tourney. Tourney will be same structure as our regular tourneys except we are upping the start stack to 15,000 for this event.

It will be a great chance to talk about possible rule changes for next season and discuss everything that happened in this summers’ WSOP etc. I do owe another full update on what our winners have been doing, but spoiler alert, no cashes from our winners and just one person left to play. 

I will be putting potential league dates for the new year together in the next few days and posting it up on the site

Are you new to the league? This is also a great chance for those that are new to the league to come out and play with us to get a feel for what the league will offer.

Who's coming? Send me an email and let me know!


June 25, 2019: Bobbi Frost and Johnny Dai Cash Tourney and More Updates From WSOP

Bobbi Frost played and cashed in the Monster Stack to make it back-to-back years cashing in this event. Bobbi was playing on our own and ashed in 793rd place for $2,369.00 She went out on a flip in her last hand holding AJ to 66.


Johnny Dai just finished playing a $600 Venetian tourney and went out in 87th place of 1,987 players to cash for $1,900. Great job Johnny.


Andrew Krywaniuk also played the Monster Stack as a league winner and made it late in the night on Day 1 but went out in Level 10 when he picked up TT and ran into AA in a cooler.


Garry and Mark Juvelin also both played the Mosnter Stack and had no success.


Brent Miscisco played a $2,500 NLH tourney as a league winner on June 20 and had his KK crushed by A4 on a Q44 board. And yes the river added insult with an Ace hitting it.


Tosca Leuks played the ladies event and made it into Day 2 being the first player from the league to actually bag at the end of the day. Unfortunately, she was short and although she doubled that stack 3 times on day 2 she eventually picked up AK and ran into KK and did not advance into the money.


Michelle Owen and Jason Nadeau both played in HORSE events at the Orleans on June 17, but neither were able to find a cash.


Dan Cassidy is currently playing the $600 bracelet event. Good luck to you Dan.


I receive messages from you guys on multiple different platforms (2 diff phones, twitter, email, FB) so if I missed anyone I am sorry. I love hearing the updates so keep them coming. Let’s hear some more success stories!!!


Coming up we have Bruce, Dan and Alyssa all slated to play the Mini Main on July 1 followed by our two big winners Mike Twitchell and Dave Collier set to play the $10K WSOP Main Event on July 5th. Next is Dan Molatore playing Event #79 a $3,000 NLH and finally Mo Pannun will play a $1,500 NLH on July 11.


As for me I am over here in the Netherlands and just played a €700 Main Event in the Breda Poker Series where I cashed 26th place of 202 players for €1,369. A solid warmup for the WSOP.


June 17, 2019: Brant Taylor Cashes and More Updates From WSOP

Brant Taylor playing on his own dime cashed the $1000 Double Stack falling in 700th place out of 6214 players to cash for $1,690. Nice work Brant


Mark McInney took his last buyin in the Millionaire Maker and did not succeed in cashing.


Roger Grosset took his luck to the Millionaire Maker. He worked hard building a stack and then got it all in on the QJ45ddxx board vs a flush draw for a big pot… you know the rest. He did manage to bink the daily $100 buyin tourney at the Rio poker room though so he didn’t go home empty handed.


Pat Woelk played the Seniors Event and had an absolute cooler flopping top set with QQ on a Q98 board and running into a guy holding the stone cold nuts withs JT. The board did not pair and Pat rebought. His second buy also went poorly and Pat was out the door.


Coming up we have Tosca Lueks playing the Ladies event on Thursday, June 20th and Brent Miscisco playing a $2500 NLH on the same day.


June 4, 2019: Mark Scott and Jamil Jutha Cash Event #9

Congrats to Die Hard regulars Mark Scott (471st for $1,388) and Jamil Jutha (213th for $2,257) who both cashed in the $600 NLH Event #9 today. Both were league members last year. This was Marks 4th career WSOP cash and Jamil’s first ever WSOP cash. Congrats guys!


June 4, 2019: No Early Success for DHPL Winners at WSOP

So far we have had Mark McKinney enter Events #9 ($600 NLH), #12 ($1,000 NLH Turbo Bounty) and Steve McLarty also enter Event #12. Both players have failed to make the money, Mark had a crushing blow to bust #9 yesterday when his AA got all in on a flop of 99T vs QQ only to see the Q spike the turn in brutal fashion. Steve busted out today when he pushed with AK vs QQ. He hit the King on the flop but lost when the board ran out a 4 flush for his opponent.


May 26, 2019: WSOP Die Hard Players Update

The WSOP starts on Wednesday and most of our winners have sent me updates as to when they will be playing. If you are going down to playing an Event let me know and I will post it here so we can keep track of everyone.

Die Hard Main Leagues Winners:

·       Mark McInney $3,000 WSOP + $500 cash Event #9 June 3, $600 NLH, Event #12, June 4, $1,000 Super Turbo Bounty, Event #19 June 10, $1,500 Millionaire Maker (May 30-June 13) -busted Event 9, 12, 19

·       Steve McLarty $1,000 WSOP + $500 cash Event #12 June 4, $1,000 NLH -busto

·       Roger Grosset $1,000 WSOP + $500 cash Event #19 June 8, $1,500 Millionaire Maker -busto

·       Pat Woelk $1,500 WSOP + $500 cash Event #32 June 13, Seniors NLH + $500 for second Seniors bullet -busto

·       Tosca Lueks Wild Card#1 $1,000 WSOP + $500 cash Event #47 June 20, $1,000 Ladies NLH -busto Day 2

·       Brent Miscisco $2,500 WSOP + $500 cash Event #48 June 20, $2500 NLH -busto

·       Andrew Krywaniuk $1,500 WSOP + $500 cash Event #50 June 21, $1,500 Monster Stack NLH -busto

·       Bruce Lawson $1,000 WSOP + $500 cash Event #69 July 1, $1,000 Mini Main Event NLH

·       Dan Cassidy Wild Card#2 $1,000 WSOP + $500 cash Event #69 July 1, $1,000 Mini Main Event NLH (June 23-July 7)

·       Alyssa Webber $1,000 WSOP + $500 cash Event #69 July 1, $1,000 Mini Main Event NLH (June 23-July 7)

·       Mike Twitchell $10,000 WSOP ME Seat + $800 cash Event #73C July 5-16, Event#14, June 5-8 (July 4-???)

·       Dave Collier $10,000 WSOP ME Seat + $800 cash Event #73C July 5-16 (July 5-11)

·       Dan Molatore $2,000 WSOP + $500 cash Event #79 July 9 – $3,000 NLH

·       Mo Pannun $1,500 WSOP + $500 cash Event #82 July 11, $1500 DoubleStack NLH (July10-16)



Horse Winners

·       Mike Twitchell $1,500 HORSE Seat Event #73C July 5-16, Event#14, June 5-8 -busto

·       Michelle Owen $1,500 HORSE Seat Event #?? June ??

·       Jason Nadeau $500 HORSE Seat Event #?? June ?? – undecided -busto


Non-Winners also heading to WSOP:

·       Darren Kennedy – July 4-15



April 6, 2019: Dave Collier and Mike Twitchell to Play WSOP Main Event

The 14th Season of the Die Hard Poker League ended last night with  $45,600 USD worth of prizes awarded including 2 $10K World Series of Poker Main Event Seats and 12 other WSOP buyins. Congrats to everyone that one a seat but especially to Dave Collier and Mike Twitchell who won the big prizes. Mike Twitchell unbelievably finished first in both the Main League and the HORSE League.

Mike Twitchell $10,800
Dave Collier $10,800
Mark McKinney $3,500
Brent Miscisco $3,000
Dan Molatore $2,500
Mo Pannun $2,000
Andrew Krywaniuk $2,000
Pat Woelk $2,000
Steve McLarty $1,500
Bruce Lawson $1,500
Alyssa Jane Webber $1,500
Roger Grosset $1,500
Tosca Lueks $1,500
Dan Cassidy $1,500


I forgot to take the photo while Dan Cassidy and Tosca Lueks were still there, but the rest of the winners are in the photo.


Interesting stats from the event include 10 of the top 22 starting stacks got seats. The other 4 started with 7,500 (Steve M), 5,800 (Tosca), 4,500 (Mo) and 3,500 (Brent M) chips respectively.


As can be expected there was some drame, some suckouts, some fist pumping moments and some absolutely crushing blows. One of the most significant ones came with 14 players remaining and Shawn Lange calling all in with a heatlhy stack and KK vs Mark McInney’s AJ. Due to the Wild Card seats, all players except Shawn L, Pat and Dave C were already guaranteed seats. Shawn needed top 12 to make it. As luck would have it the board ran out safe until a crushing Ace on the river all but ended his chances leaving him with about 3000 chips. He would double once more from there but ultimately fall short. This gave Dan Cassidy who had busted in 15th a Wild Card seat. First time we ever had someone bust and think they came short only to watch someone else’s misfortune give him a package.


Nothing made me more sick then when Brad McKibbon was all in vs 2 players with 77 and the turn was brought early before the other two players had completed action. That turn would as usual need to go back and reshuffled. That turn, a 7, would have given Brad a set of 77’s to beat the other players TT. It resulted in Brad’s elimination and is as I said the most absolutely sickening way to bust a tournament.


There was another hand where set over set fell to a rivered straight. There were Aces being cracked by AK all in preflop. There were Aces being cracked by baby pairs preflop.


Dave Collier won a massive 44 vs AT flip versus Brent who was then knocked out shortly after. Dave Collier, Mark McInney and Mike Twitchell played 3 handed for about 90 minutes. They traded the chiplead numerous times, but in the end Dave went on a heater and with Dave and Mike beign fairly even, Dave once again took 44 vs Mark’s AT and held to give us our winners.

Good luck in Vegas everyone. Thanks for making our Die Hard Poker League continue to thrive!!


March 30, 2019: HORSE Final Won by Mike Twitchell, Michelle Owen and Jason Nadeau

Huge congrats for a successful first iteration of the Die Hard Horse League. It was a fun league that helped us play some different games for a change. The winners for this first year were Mike Twitchell ($1500 seat), Michelle Owen ($1500 seat) and Jason Nadeau ($500 seat). The chip lead changed a tonne with Jason Nadeau and Brent Senko dominating the tournament early but with levels going up both Brent and Jason would run cold and fall early at the final table. Deepak Bhasin took over a massive chiplead with 5 remaining but he too could not last. Mike Twitchell built up chips and while Michelle Owen had a stack most of the night it came down to one monster hand 3 handed which left both her and Kent Senko basically all in on Stud with Kent having a board of TJ/AQAJ/7 and Michelle holding xx/689 with flush and straight draws as Mike Twitchell happily watched. Michelle would come out on top completing one of her draws and Kent would be the bubble boy (Jason had won the league points leader guaranteed seat). Congrats everyone and good luck in Vegas.


Mike Twitchell $1,500
Michelle Harker Owen $1,500
Jason Nadeau $500